Vic Chou marries longtime girlfriend Reen Yu in a low-key ceremony

I know I said I wouldn’t write about anything that has to do with Chinese/Taiwanese entertainment for the time being. However, for this day only, I want to break that vow since I couldn’t just let Vic Chou’s wedding news escape me just like that.

Earlier this week, former F4 member Vic Chou finally tied the knot with long time girlfriend of four years, Taiwanese actress Reen Yu. The newlyweds registered their marriage, a first for both, on November 10, 2015 in a very low key manner. The 34-year old actor posted two of their wedding pictures on his weibo, happily introducing his wife to the world by saying that Mrs. Chou looks beautiful, and thanked everyone for all their blessings. Shortly after, Reen posted another of their wedding photo on her Facebook, thanking her husband for staying by her side, and also thanking everyone for their support.

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Reen’s manager said that Vic proposed to Reen very casually while the two were having a meal together in their abode. He asked her out of the blue if she would like to marry him, to which she happily agreed. The two immediately registered their marriage during the only free time available to them and some of their closest friends. Since Vic would be very busy working in the coming months, there are still no plans yet for a wedding banquet. Her manager went on to say that Reen is not yet pregnant and is still open to return to showbiz if there’s a suitable script available.

The respective managers of both Vic and Reen said they were not aware the two were planning to wed and only found out about it later after it already happened. Vic’s schedule would still go as initially planned, which includes promoting his latest movie Go Lala Go with Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin, plus a possible television drama in the works for next year.

I’m happy that my boy is finally married to a very suitable and charming lady. He’s been longing to have a family of his own and it’s high time he makes that dream a reality. I doubt Reen would be returning to acting even if there’s a suitable script available for her because I believe the newlyweds’ next plan would be to have a child, especially since Vic has been very vocal lately in expressing his desire to become a father soon.

Whatever their future plans are, I wish them all the best. I hope this would be a long, lasting and happy marriage for the two of them.

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