This monster called fandom

A fandom is always a big thing to a celebrity. It can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because without the fans, an artist is nothing. It’s the fans that pay a lot of money from their own pockets just to see their favorite artist perform live, or watch their movies, or buy their albums or attend their concerts. It’s the fans that usually take the time, no matter how painstakingly, to wait in long lines and queues just to personally meet and greet their idols. They’re the ones who are ready to do battle against other celebrity fans, tooth and nail, just to defend their favorite stars, even if they get nothing out of it. It’s because of these fans’ overwhelming love and devotion that makes a celebrity’s star shine brighter than the rest.

However, behind this seemingly harmless adoration is a hidden monster, lurking behind the dark shadows of fame, waiting to be unleashed once a celebrity does something to disappoint it. This is the curse.

For fans, they admire a certain celebrity based on the image that they project onscreen, be it the the goody two shoes, bitch face or bad boy image. This image is what the fans love, and talent only comes in second, if truth be told. It’s this projected image that meets their expectations, it what feeds their fantasies of things that could never be in their own lifetime. However, there is a downside. This image that they so dearly love doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the artist’s true and real persona. It can even be the complete opposite. It’s only unfortunate that most fans won’t have any of that utter nonsense. For them, what they see is what they get. Or rather, what they wanted to get. Fans unknowingly demand this, and the celebrities only willingly cater to it to maintain their popular status. This is the hidden monster. It’s growing stronger and stronger each day, more powerful and more destructive as days go by, because it feeds well on the imaginations of the fans.

Until the day comes when a celebrity can no longer pretend, when he/she has had enough of being someone he/she is not. When the time finally comes that they just wanted to be their real true selves, it is here when the feeding stops. It is here when this hidden monster will start inching out of its hiding place, sometimes slowly, but most of the time sudden, to finally claim what it believes is rightfully his.

The fans who once placed a celebrity upon a pedestal, would be the one to pull him/her down from there. They can easily turn their back from their favorites stars once they see them doing something unpleasant to their eyes, once they see them destroying the sacred fantasy that they created inside their heads. Be it smoking, drinking, going to nightclubs, gender preference, dating other people aside from their onscreen partners, etc. Sometimes, the backlash from these once adoring fans can be so powerful as to cause their sudden downfall. It’s ironic, but that’s the way it is.

It already happened many times, for decades and decades. In my entire lifetime alone, though I have not lived that long enough, I’ve already seen it happened many times, if not all the time. Celebrities who are famous some years back, can no longer be found on this present time. A fandom has that much power. Nothing much has changed through the years.

It’s because of this curse that some celebrities are forced to live a life of lies for as long as they could. Some would rather die with this pretend mask than to take it off for the whole world to see. They have to, they need to. Unless they learn how to adapt to certain changes in their respective career, they have no other choice but to continue catering to their fans’ every whim, faithfully abiding by their fans’ rules. They have no choice but to continue feeding this hidden monster, to keep it fully satisfied so it stays right there in its hiding place. This is the only thing they can do, it is the only easy way to do, so this monster won’t consume them in the end.

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