Random thoughts

Starting today, I won’t be writing anything about the Chinese/Taiwan entertainment scene, though I won’t say that I will never write about it again. Fans of some celebrities sometimes amaze me, but most of time they baffle me. I can’t even call them crazy as it’s just too weak a word to even describe them. I have long forgotten what made me stop following Korean entertainment. Now, I fully remember why. Only too well.

This blog will continue, of course. I will continue to write, but mostly just my random thoughts. For those expecting me to write updates on Chinese/Taiwanese celebrities, they would have to find another blog to satisfy their cravings. I will veer away, at least for now, from writing anything about them, though my love for them has not wavered. Not one bit, and I think it never will. But for now, I could not deal with the immaturity of some fans. It’s not that they’re offending me or harassing me. Actually, far from it. I could not even care less what they say to me. I’m just so embarrassed for them whenever I see how narrow-minded they are, how immature they are. It’s so embarrassing that I can’t help but think if I had been that way too at some point in my life. I can’t even begin to imagine.

A couple of words (or rather sentences) to the wise. We must understand that we don’t own these artists. They have their own life to live. They’re not our dolls or puppets that we can just simply dictate what they should do, whom they should be with or what they should say. Just be happy with what they have to offer. If you’re not happy about them, then just walk away and find another star to adore, instead of saying hurtful words. It doesn’t do anyone good. Words can bleed, deeper than any tools. The wounds they cause can’t heal overtime. Sometimes, they never do anymore.

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1 Response to Random thoughts

  1. Ohh is there anything specific that triggered this? I don’t know a lot of Taiwanese entertainment blogs so I felt sad reading this 😦


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