Reality check on AlDub: Is it already for real or are we just getting our heads in the clouds?

Last Saturday’s episode of Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye or street series can be said to be a moment of victory for the program, its characters and also to their millions of fans. They were able to make a staggering 12.1 million tweets in 24 hours with the #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate. The events with the most numbers of tweets  for a hashtag still belong to #BRAvGER (Brazil vs Germany) and #WorldCup back in 2014, at 35.6 and 21.6 millions respectively.

Last Saturday's episode of kalyeserye is, by far, its most successful episode to date.

Last Saturday’s episode of kalyeserye is, by far, its most successful episode to date.

With the current success of its accidental love team of Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) and Alden Richards, popularly known together as AlDub, the nagging question that’s been gnawing on the minds of its millions of viewers for weeks now remains – is it already for real this time between the two main characters? I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts that this series is sort of a cross between a daily soap and a reality show, and because of this that most fans are easily confused whether it’s real or not. Many are saying that it already is, with some even trying to reason out with “I observed this from a man’s perspective” or “I definitely saw the sparks in their eyes“, and so on. As much as I’m deeply amused by this kalyeserye, I’m even more so whenever I read such kinds of analysis as those. Not being sarcastic, but I would like to ask first for certain scientific standards when to definitely say there are sparks in their eyes without becoming subjective in any way. And when do becoming a part of the male species gave one the certainty that he can already second guess what his fellow specie is feeling? We are all complex individuals, with different thoughts and feelings. No one can second guess, let alone be certain, what another person is feeling unless you really know them personally.

While most viewers are reveling on their fantasy that things between the main characters are starting to get real, then let me be the one to douse that fire-hot fantasy with ice cold water.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on both ends of the table.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on both ends of the table.

Let’s start first with the lady of course, Maine Mendoza. I love this girl to pieces. She can definitely act. Even though she has no acting experience or background aside from her dubsmash videos, she’s able to remain in character most of the time, although there’s still the few times when she’s unable to control her true emotions. While there are so many good actresses around, she’s the only actress I know of with genuine emotions in front of the camera. I love how raw her emotions are, which unfortunately leave her vulnerable and unguarded most of the time, a fact not oblivious to her many fans. That’s the reason why most of them are so protective of her and so critical of her onscreen partner Alden. It’s not a secret that she really has a crush on the young actor, which was on full display these last three Saturdays ago, during their personal meet ups. She could hardly contain her giddiness and her laughter whenever she looked at him eye to eye. She could hardly even looked at him straight in his eyes for long periods of time. One can easily tell how much hold he already has on her. However, as the days go by and the series progresses, she’s becoming more and more guarded. Though there are still the few times we can see her pure emotions, she now stays very close to her character in the series most of the time, the character that we all love so much, as the comical, innocent and simply adorable yaya (nanny) to her ailing grandmother. Her co-hosts already warned her a few times before not to expect too much out of her reel romance, for fear she would only hurt herself in the end. Slowly but surely, she’s beginning to follow that piece of advise.

On the other hand, her onscreen partner Alden Richards is still, first and foremost, an actor. He’s been in the industry for five years now and has starred in many television soaps with romantic themes. Though it’s only now that he’s being duly recognized, I can tell he is one good actor based on his past works. He’s got this acting switch which he can easily turn on and off. He can also cry at the drop of a hat, a rare but a very desired ability for an actor or an actress. It’s not his fault though that he could easily cry at an instance because it’s not so long ago when he just lost his mother to cancer, and that’s where he gets his inspiration and motivation to cry at will. So it’s really not that easy to tell or even second guess what he’s truly feeling when he’s in front of the camera, unless you are thisclose to him. Alden the actor can easily pull in any girl towards him once he turns on his charm, just as easily as he could easily pull himself away from her, leaving the girl wondering what just happened.

He already tried downplaying their fans’ expectations of them in real life in his numerous personal interviews by giving non-committal answers to the question, “what’s really going on between him and his reel love team?” I can’t blame him for not giving out a straight answer to that question as he’s torn between trying to please their millions of fans and trying to stay true to his real feelings. How can he know for sure if there’s a chance for them in real life when the two of them are still yet to really talk and get to know each other in private sans the cameras? Kudos to him for not giving out any false hope nor illusion to their gazillions of fans, and also to Maine in a rather indirect way.

It’s now up to their fans whether they want to lose themselves in their fantasies or still keep their feet firmly planted down to reality. This is still a television show after all. They both have their respective characters to play. They have to immerse themselves deeply into their characters in order to be called an effective actor or an actress. Based on the reactions they’re getting from the viewers from all around the world, I can say they’re doing their job quite well. Just like what their grandmother Lola Nidora in the series often says, “Aktingan lang ‘to, huy!” (It’s all just an act).

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