The phenomenon that is AlDub

Up in the sky, it’s a bird. No… it’s a plane. No… it’s… AlDub? Okay, so they’re not literally flying high up in the sky, but they are metaphorically flying astronomical heights with their new found success in one of the segments called “kalyeserye” (street series) of the Philippine’s longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga.

The two main characters in this street series are played by newcomer Maine Mendoza and matinee idol Alden Richards. AlDub is a moniker coined by their fans based on the characters they’re playing in the short segment of the said noon time program. Maine plays Yaya Dub (Dub being short for her name Divina Ursula Bukbokova), a “yaya” (nanny) to a rich old grandmother who took her in when she was little and raised her to adulthood. Alden, plays as himself, the handsome heartthrob who’s Maine’s secret crush in real life. Or at least it was a secret until her co-hosts finally spilled the beans on her while hosting live on air.

Maine Mendoza first became popular through her dubsmash videos.

Maine Mendoza first became popular through her dubsmash videos.

Alden Richards has been an actor and a matinee idol in the Philippine entertainment industry for 5 years before the AlDub craze.

Alden Richards used to be a B-lister actor/matinee idol in the Philippine entertainment industry for 5 years before the AlDub craze.

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What started as a simple teasing on screen escalated into something big and phenomenal, something that the country has never witnessed before. This accidental partnership has already generated numerous fandoms, unprecedented number of tweets via the social media twitter, and one endorsement after the other for the two young stars.

Their love story is that of the typical star-crossed lovers wanting to be together but are constantly being prevented to by the grandmother. However, what’s unique about this new love team is the fact that the two of them had never met each other in person for the past several weeks since they were first introduced, that is until only recently, just these last two Saturdays ago. They usually only see each other via a split screen monitor and communicate with one another, not with words, but by using fan signs and dubsmashing popular songs to one another.

It all just started with a simple teasing.

It all started with just a simple teasing…

...and now it has a life of its own.

…and now it has become a larger than life phenomenon with a life of its own.

This street series is something like a cross between a television series and a reality show. It’s like a television series because they do have a plot and a story they follow, with its typical twists and turns. It’s somewhat a reality show since the characters are not given a script and they only respond with one another on the spot, sometimes inadvertently showing their true emotions if the scenes get too overwhelming for them.

The main and central theme of this street series revolves around the love between the two main characters. It’s quite rare to watch an innocent and pure love between two people unfolding right before our eyes, even if it’s all just an act. And that what makes it appealing to all audience of different ages from all walks of life. The youngsters who are yet to fall in love and even those who have never experienced love before can enjoy the feeling of falling in love for the first time just by watching this street series. While the oldies can once again experience the joy and ecstasy of their past and forgotten love. For the lovers, it can make them believe that forever does and can exist.

The effect of this series to its viewers is just so powerful that it makes most of their fans long so much to see them together in real life. I was, never have been and never will be a believer in love teams, although I can be a fan. There are so very few love teams out there who end up together in real life. Most just don’t. It’s hard to dictate the heart just because it’s what many people want. What I do believe in strongly is that there’s always that very thin line existing between a reality and a fantasy. So thin is that line that it can be easily crossed without anyone noticing it. Again, there’s nothing wrong with shipping two people together, but just beware of getting too carried away. One must never forget that these celebrities are still real persons behind the cameras who have their own life to live, something that can be very totally different from the ones they usually show on the screen.

As for me, I’m not expecting anything more from them just as long as I’m currently being entertained greatly, with my fantasies and daydreams (not sordid ones, of course) being well fed all the time with their onscreen sweetness. So just go with the flow and enjoy the moment while it lasts.

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