Vivian Hsu is now a proud mommy to a baby boy

Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu became a proud mommy last August 13 when she gave birth to her first baby boy via caesarian section at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. She posted her photo on her social media holding her baby boy who weighs 2 kg, her eyes brimming with happy tears. Initially, the doctors only wanted her to reach 28 weeks of gestation, with her baby at least weighing 1.5 kg. However, the 40-year old actress wanted to push the envelope further by giving her baby another month to develop and mature in her womb to ensure he wouldn’t have much complications once he’s born.

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Her baby boy’s English name is Sean Dalton, and Vivian explained they chose Dalton because it ends with the letter “n”, the same way Vivian and her husband Sean’s names also end. The name also starts with letter D, and since the names of her husband’s daughters from his first marriage are Clara and Elisha, she feels that Dalton symbolizes the completion of their little family, C D and E.

For the most part of Vivian’s pregnancy, she had to stay in bed for a total of 142 days, maintained on 13 pills a day, and received a total of 300 injections. But when she finally laid her eyes on her firstborn, she said all the pain was gone and everything was totally worth it. She proudly said that her little boy got her eyes, but overall he looks more like his daddy. She hoped for her son to grow up strong like his daddy and be of help to those around him.

She plans on breastfeeding him for at least six months to make sure he gets all the proper nutrition. One must remember that her baby is two months premature and needs to be closely taken care of.


Vivian Hsu never forgot to thank her good doctor for taking care of her all throughout her pregnancy.

Though I have never closely followed her career and personal life, I sure adore her to pieces and I’m definitely very happy for her for all the wonderful blessings she’s been receiving. She must be over the moon right now as she always wanted to give birth to a baby boy since she got married to carry on her husband’s name as he only has daughters from his first marriage.

Indeed, a kind heart will always be rewarded in the end, no matter what. Congratulations to Vivian and Sean!

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