Vivian Hsu is now 31 weeks pregnant and may give birth at any time

It’s not easy but Vivian Hsu is determined to beat the odds. She has now reached her 31 weeks in pregnancy and her baby boy is currently doing very well. For the past three months, she’s been strictly confined to her bed and restricted to stand up, even as much as go to the bathroom on her two feet, because she’s at high risk for abortion due to cervical incompetence. She requires a wheelchair to move about, and always with a company. She’s maintained on 13 pills a day and daily medicine injections to avoid any unwanted premature contraction and ensure the healthy growth and development of her baby.


Proud mommy Vivian Hsu is surrounded by her stepdaughters and relatives.


Vivian’s baby at 29 weeks already has a well defined profile in this ultrasound image.

Vivian got pregnant at forty years old, a year after getting married. She was able to conceive naturally without the help of any artificial method. However because of her advanced age, she has a lot of complications relating to her pregnancy. During her first trimester, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, or excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, and was even hospitalized a couple of times. Shortly after she got pass her first trimester, she began to have premature cervical dilatations due to the increasing pressure of her growing belly, and was diagnosed to have cervical incompetence. She underwent surgery to close her cervix and was strictly advised to stay in bed and avoid moving around. Her family and relatives are taking turns attending to her personal needs, such as bathing her and helping her to get dressed. Her husband and mother-in-law personally prepare her own meals to ensure she gets nutritious food everyday. There were times when Vivian admitted to feeling depressed as she sometimes felt she’s already a burden to everyone around her. Still, she tried to maintain her positive outlook for the sake of her baby’s well being.

Despite not being allowed to move about, she still keeps herself busy by watching DVDs, reading books and writing a journal chronicling her current struggle during her pregnancy. She plans to release a book afterwards, and I believe that’s something to look forward to. Her book holds promise to be interesting as it will deal with serious medical struggles not commonly encountered during pregnancy.

It will take seven more weeks before she could give birth to a term baby. It’s still a long way to go, but compared to what she has already gone through, these last few remaining weeks should be mince meat for her.

A fan asked her on her social site when will she be giving birth and she said it could be anytime from now. She even expressed her nervousness at the possibility of going into labor anytime. She’s currently admitted in a hospital for close observation. I believe she will have to stay there until she gives birth. If ever she does give birth soon, her baby can already survive well outside of her womb, given the current advancement in medicine and natal care nowadays.

Vivian Hsu and Sean Lee are excited for the arrival of their baby boy.

Vivian Hsu and Sean Lee are excited for the arrival of their baby boy.

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