Michelle Chen shows off her slender figure during the press conference of The Romance of the Condor Heroes in Taiwan

It seems only yesterday when Michelle Chen received so much criticisms from the fans of the popular drama series Romance of the Condor Heroes who thought and believed she could not give justice to the role of Xiao Long Nu, the most beautiful female in Wuxia history. They must have thought they could demoralize her with their rude comments and uncalled mud slinging, just enough for her give up on the role. They even mockingly called her Xiao Long Bao because of her chubby and rounded face. Clearly, they must have underestimated Michelle’s tenacity and dedication to her work. This trouper has already proven herself more than once that she’s capable of doing and accomplishing whatever she puts her mind in to. Today, no matter the harsh criticisms in the past, no one can change the fact that this Taiwanese actress has now gone down in history as one of the few privileged actresses to have played the role of the most beautiful woman on earth.

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The Romance of the Condor Heroes is now making its way into Taiwan households as it recently premiered there last July 27 under CTV. Michelle attended a press conference to promote her new drama and she appeared wearing a lovely pink dress that effectively showed off her svelte figure and slim legs.                                      download  201507230755259430906  201507230755261313065

She also posted a recent photo of herself playing badminton where she perfectly showed off her slender legs. I don’t think even a small fraction of her critics can ever look as half as good as she is.                                                                                                    6f59401ajw1eug6op4phhj20n20zkmzs  6f59401ajw1eug6ose57mj21kw2dcapk                                                        She cheekily added that even a Xiao Long Bao can also become a little bread bun.

Michelle turned the negative criticisms into something positive. Instead of wallowing in self pity and retreating back to her safe corner, she went head on against her critics to show what she’s really made off. Her critics must be sulking right now knowing they failed to bring her down but instead only fueled her to do better. I can almost hear Michelle Chen having the last laugh right now.

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