Rainie Yang is the first one to greet Li Ronghao on his 30th birthday; shows her support during his birthday concert

Mandopop singer Li Ronghao turned 30 years old yesterday and the first one to greet him a happy birthday was none other than rumored girlfriend Rainie Yang. On July 11, at exactly 12 midnight, the 31-year old Taiwanese actress-singer took to her microblog and wrote, “You’re 30 years old. Happy birthday.” Shortly after, at 8 minutes past midnight, Ronghao also posted on his microblog, thanking “someone” for accompanying him.

Though both Rainie and Ronghao didn’t include names on their respective posts, fans were quick to deduce that their messages were meant for each other. Some even speculated that the two of them might even be together at that time to celebrate Lirong’s birthday.

However, some hardcore fans of Show-Rainie argued that Rainie could just be greeting her idol David Tao since it’s also his birthday. I would have said it’s plausible, if only David is also 30 years old (like, duh!).

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At exactly 12 kidnight on July 11, rainie Yang did not forget to send her greetings to rumored sweetheart Lirong Hao.

At exactly 12 kidnight on July 11, Rainie Yang did not forget to send her greetings to rumored sweetheart Li Ronghao.

Later that same day, Ronghao held a concert at the Taipei International Convention Center to celebrate his birthday with his fans. Fans and media alike were surprised when they saw Rainie at his concert. She sat herself down on the third row, in plain view of everyone, instead of staying out of sight in the VIP area.

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Around 3,500 fans attended the concert. The Golden Melody Best Newcomer was later presented with a birthday cake while his fans sang him the birthday song. He wished for his friends to have a peaceful life and to always be there to write songs with him, seemingly alluding to Rainie.


Ronghao said he wasn’t expecting Rainie to be there, but he’s very happy she came.

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The two of them are still yet to publicly admit to their relationship, though it may not be anytime soon since Rainie already said before that she would only admit to her intimate relationship if it’s already on the way to marriage. She sees herself getting married before the age of 35 years old.


After her failed relationship with Prince of JPM, hopefully she already found the one in Ronghao. He seems like a good man and she seems happier with him. With her bestie Ariel Lin now happily living a quiet married life, Rainie may soon want to follow her high-heeled footsteps down the aisle.

As for the Show-Rainie extremists out there, there is nothing wrong with pairing up your favorite artists together, just as long as you don’t forget they have their own real life to live outside of the television.

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