Detective Gui changes its premiere date to August 13, 2015

Vic Chou and Wang Luodan held a second press conference last week to announce that the premiere date of their new movie Detective Gui had been changed from July 24 to August 13. This is to avoid going head to head against movie giant Tiny Times 4, the youth-oriented film 栀子花开 (roughly translated to Gardenia Bloom) and the fantasy thriller Monster Hunt.

Detective Gui will be having its nationwide premiere on August 13, 2015.

Detective Gui will be having its nationwide premiere on August 13, 2015.

During the press conference, Luodan shared her experience of working with Vic for the first time. “The first time we worked together, he avoided making any eye contact with me, and after two hours, I thought he hated me.” Later on, she realized that he’s just a very quiet person, someone who always wanted to stay in his own little corner, but can actually be a great pleasure to work with.

On the other hand, Vic said that Luodan is a lively girl with a very active imagination, but he noted her ambivalence towards holding hands with fingers intertwined. Luodan explained that during their kissing scene in the movie, the director wanted for them to hold hands with their fingers intertwined with one another. She said that while she has no problem with kissing, her hands tend to get sweaty, therefore she requested not to hold hands with Vic anymore during that particular scene.


The new poster for Detective Gui was unveiled during the press conference.

The two of them interacted with one another very well during the conference, and rather (ahem) a little bit closely too. Luodan even described Vic as very (x8) handsome, with Vic returning the favor when he said that she’s very (x10) cute.

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They also gamely posed with one another to recreate the posters of their movie. And the result couldn’t be more adorable.

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I believe it’s a very wise move for the producers of Detective Gui not to risk their chances at the box office. So far, Tiny Times 4 already got a lion’s share of the box office at 45% with just its pre-sale tickets alone, while Gardenia Bloom (sorry for the bad English translation) also took a big bite of the pie at 35%. Next month also isn’t going to be a walk in the park for Detective Gui as there are other strong competitions ahead, such as Go Away Mr. Tumor, The Crossing Part 2 and To The Fore.

I’m really not sure how well Detective Gui will fare at the Mainland box office. According to director Oxide Pang, this movie is going to be the first female detective movie in China, as this genre of movie is more common in Japan than in any other part of the world.

Whether Detective Gui does well or not at the box office, it will still become some sort of precedent in the Chinese world of movie making. If it does well, expect more female detective movies to follow. If it doesn’t, then we may have already seen the first and last of its kind.

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