David Tao confesses to cheating on his wife before and even after their marriage

When a man is caught red-handed cheating behind his wife’s back, what should he do? Confess, of course, and grovel for forgiveness. That’s exactly what David Tao did after his other woman Ada Yang revealed to the media how she carried on a secret affair with the Mandopop singer for six years. The 22-year old Ada also revealed how the 45-year old singer continued to text her and wanted to continue having a relationship with her even after he’s married. Just weeks before his wedding, she even asked him his reason for marrying his fiancée, to which David answered that it’s only to please his mother and insisted he loved her more than his bride, clearly a hard and painful slap to his wife Penny Chiang, daughter of a rich hardware tycoon who has a net worth of 10 billion NTD (approximately more than US$400 million).

David Tao continued chasing after Yang Ziqing even after marrying Penny Chiang.

David Tao continued chasing after Ada Yang even after marrying Penny Chiang.

Yang Ziqing

Ada Yang

Earlier on, Ada published her WeChat messages with David, which clearly showed the two were carrying on an intimate affair. David even called himself “husband” while he flirtatiously called Ada his “little girlfriend”. When asked why she decided to publish their private messages, Ada answered that such a scumbag needs to be known to the public.

When the scandal first broke out, David denied the cheating accusations against him and even threatened to file charges against Ada for concocting malicious lies. However, instead of backing down, she defiantly stood her ground and even vowed to release more explosive and revealing evidences of her alleged affair with the singer. She challenged him to file the charges and said that she too can afford to hire herself a lawyer. David promised to hold a press conference to tell his side of the story and to clear things once and for all.

Yesterday, David held a 40-minute press conference where he finally admitted that he was in fact cheating on his wife with Ada. He bowed low and asked for forgiveness from his wife Penny, his parents-in-law and his own mother for his infidelity. “I made a mistake, I am very sorry and I’m very ashamed of what I did,” the singer said while choking back tears. He also thanked his friends and fans for their continued support of him.

David Tao was choking back his tears as he confessed his infidelity to the media.

David Tao was choking back his tears as he confessed his infidelity to the media.

David Tao bowed low and asked forgiveness for his indiscretion.

David Tao bowed low and asked forgiveness for his indiscretion.

He said he met Ada in 2010 and carried on an affair with her even before his wedding last August 2014. He also confessed to sending messages to her after he got married, but stressed that during his marriage, he only had one sexual encounter with her which happened last June 19 in Chengdu, China. He went on to say that no matter what, his wife will be the only woman he will ever love in this life.

David’s lawyers said that they will still press charges against Ada for some false contents in her previous statement. The singer refused to answer any more questions from the media and immediately left the venue after his press conference.

Meanwhile, not wanting to be pushed to the side, Ada took to her weibo shortly after David’s press conference to have the final word. “If you really didn’t want to talk to me, then why did you keep on sending me messages and tell me you’re always thinking of me? If you really didn’t want to come and see me, did I ever point a gun to your head to force you to do so? So all those talk in the past years meant nothing to you. Maybe I should say thank you for your honest words. Take care of yourself and the only person you can love,” she wrote.

Wow, just wow. And to think that his wedding last year was nothing short of extravagant and high profile, with so many big stars attending his supposed special day. Looking back at their wedding photos, he acted so loving with his wife, like she’s the only woman for him. Now, those wedding photos looked so ridiculous after knowing that he was actually cheating on his bride just weeks or even days before their wedding. The other woman can even pass as his daughter given their huge age gap. He started dating Ada when she was only 16 years old while he’s already nearing forty. Eeeeww

David Tao did a great job in showing his affection for his wife during their wedding day, while carrying on an affair with another woman.

David Tao and wife Penny Chiang during their wedding day.

David is a very talented singer and musician. But this latest scandal clearly made him less than half of the man he used to be. As for Ada, I don’t know what’s her real reason why she suddenly outed their affair. Clearly, she’s a woman scorned and bitter because she’s already been twice bitten. This started after Taiwanese singer and actor Lee Wei dumped her publicly for Chinese actress Yao Di.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for both David and Ada. For all I care they can both rot in their own thick skins. But my heart goes out to his wife Penny who’s clearly the innocent victim here. What a way to discover your husband’s infidelity and all the nitty gritty in between. In my opinion, Penny is too forgiving when she decided to stay with him even after knowing that he’s been cheating on her for many years and would have probably continued to do so if only the other woman didn’t spill out the beans.

It would take a lot of herculean effort from David to restore trust in his marriage again. Such a pity and so unfair to Penny that she has no other choice but to also exert that much effort if she wants to save whatever is left of their marriage.

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