Vanness Wu’s wife Arissa Cheo vents out her frustrations through her social media

Arissa Cheo is at it again. The Singaporean heiress is once again venting out her frustrations against her husband Vanness Wu through her social media. She recently wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram lamenting how a certain someone (Vanness) “keep doing weird-ass things that are justified in their own self-righteous ways….. and turn the tables to make it that I’m not good enough right from the start.”


She expressed how she has been suffering in silence while being vilified as “a cheater”, “wild party girl” and someone “who’s not good enough”, referring to the nasty remarks some fans left on her social media.

“And now I just keep lashing out from all the years of lies, deceit, pent up frustrations and prolonged emotional abuse, looking like the fool….. which I know I need to stop. I was stupid, foolish and naive and I need to stop being that too.” She went on to say that the one person (Vanness) whom she was counting on to be there for her to lean on during tough times like this isn’t always around.


The full text of Arissa Cheo’s Instagram post.

It’s obvious that Arissa’s frustrations stemmed from the recent posts of some fans not so long ago who randomly accused her of cheating on her husband and doing plastic surgery to enhance her face. She already denied the accusations on her Instagram and even slammed those fans for concocting such lies. Unfortunately, the cyber bullying never stopped and there are still some fans who continue to drive her up against the wall with their harsh comments. It’s just too bad for her, because as long as she’s active on social media, then there will always be available means for these rude fans to get to her and try to ruin her relationship with her husband and also her marriage in the process.

While I do admire Arissa because of her straightforward personality and how she tells it like it is, I find her a little bit confrontational, a trait that wasn’t, isn’t and never will be a good match with straightforwardness. I understand that she needs an outlet to release all her pent up frustrations and anger, and the only way she can do it right now is through the social media, especially since her husband is not always around to listen to her. But not all people will understand her, and oftentimes, her words will only be misconstrued by the media who loves nothing more than create more controversies and misconceptions. Just like with her latest post, the media is already misinterpreting her words “I need to stop” as something along the line of wanting a divorce.

It’s never easy to date a famous celebrity. You can never please everybody. There will always be a fan or two or more who will always have a thing against you no matter what you do. If she allows all the negativity to get to her, then she will be the one who will lose in the end.

Vanness, on the other hand, has been very busy lately, filming and promoting his movies and focusing on his music, not to mention his extracurricular christian activities. He should make an extra effort in between his busy schedule to spend more time with his wife who un-rooted herself from Singapore, away from her family, friends and her night life, and then planted herself in Taiwan to become a dutiful wife to him.

However, at the end of the day, we are never flies on their walls and there is no way we can know what’s truly going on behind their closed doors. Only the two of them can solve whatever their problems are, but airing their dirty laundry for the whole world to see is never going to help.

They should try their best to work things out to be able to stay together for the rest of their life. It would be laughable of them, most especially to Vanness who’s always preaching his christian ways, to someday commit one of the biggest sin in Christianity which is divorce.


Two days ago, Vanness posted this on his Instagram:


Hopefully, all is not yet lost between this embattled couple.

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