Vic Chou clarifies Reen Yu is not pregnant; girlfriend only accompanied him to the hospital to see a dermatologist

Vic Chou and girlfriend Reen Yu were recently spotted together at the National Taiwan University Hospital. According to witnesses, the two were in their casual clothes, looking like an old married couple. Vic wasn’t even wearing his usual face mask.

photo (1)  photo

If you’re wondering where Vic is in the photos above, look closely again. In the first photo, he’s the one standing next to Reen. In the second photo, he’s the one walking ahead of her with the black backpack.

The photos were so badly taken and I have a feeling the photographer was not a professional one. He (I’m assuming it’s a he for no apparent reason at all) was probably just a bystander who later sold his photos to the media. With the advancement of iPhone nowadays, anyone can just take a photo or even a video. At least he managed to get a shot of Vic’s face when he walked pass him.

photo (2)

Their latest public outing at the hospital has sparked rumors that Reen was pregnant and Vic took her there to see an obstetrician. However, Vic clarified this matter the following day when he attended the grand opening of a new IWC store at Taipei 101 as their main guest of honor.


Vic Chou attended the grand opening of IWC store at Taipei 101.

The watch Vic Chou was wearing was worth over 1 million NTD.

The watch Vic Chou was wearing was worth over 1 million NTD.

During the media interview, he cleared up the rumors of his girlfriend’s alleged pregnancy and shared his disappointment over the irresponsible media reports. He stressed that Reen was not pregnant and she only accompanied him there for his regular check up with the dermatologist. He admitted he has psoriasis, an autoimmune skin condition characterized by excessive skin turn over. Though it’s under control as of the moment, he still needs to see his dermatologist on a regular basis to avoid flare-ups.

Vic said he knew they were being photographed secretly during the entire time they were there at the hospital. “You (the photographer) were there the whole time (we were there), from start to finish, so how could you not know we only went to see the dermatologist?” He went on to say that while he understands the media has their own job to do, he still hopes for them to avoid making false assumptions based on photos alone.

Vic was also asked how soon he will be getting married. He said there’s currently no plans as he’s very busy this second half of the year, but he still hopes to do it, the sooner the better. He also said he’s enjoying his work right now. He’d rather keep himself busy than be idle, as he just spends all of his free time at home when he’s not working.

Okay, I didn’t know Vic has psoriasis, but I take it that it must already be an open secret among his diehard fans. I can’t share any more information about this skin condition since I can’t understand much of the medical jargon, other than this can have really bad flare-ups once triggered by stress, warm weather, or certain medications among others. At least he has it well under control, and hopefully it stays that way.

Looking at their candid photos at the hospital, I have to say that Reen looked kind of lousy but in a rather cute way in her whole get up. It looked like she just randomly put on whatever piece of clothing she had within her reach. Her overly sized reddish maroon short pants, which looked like it once belonged to her boyfriend, was swallowing up her petite body. No wonder she was suspected to be pregnant. Anyway, Vic was no different too, looking quite ordinary and very un-stylish in his own simple attire. Looking at the two of them, it’s hard to imagine they are actually celebrities, especially Vic who’s a big time superstar. In a way, I guess it’s kind of cool to see them not caring much about their physical appearance in public during their downtime, as if showing they’re just like any other ordinary couple. Not that they need to dress up or wear make up just to look good. According to some witnesses who saw the couple at the hospital, Vic was looking good (as usual), while Reen was looking quite lovely even without any make up on.

photo (3)

Vic Chou and Reen Yu

I guess both Vic and Reen are also kind of so used to one another now that they don’t feel the need to still dress up to the nines or be all dolled up in front of each other. What was that catch phrase again? Oh yea, just like an old married couple.

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