Show Luo is criticized for his performance at the 26th Golden Melody Awards

Show Luo has been active in the music industry for 19 years and not once was he ever nominated in any category nor even had the chance to perform onstage at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards (GMA), Taiwan’s equivalent to the Grammy Awards. So after 19 long years, though still not nominated, Show was finally given the chance to perform on the said event. He prepared a medley of his four songs and his performance lasted for more than five minutes. It was an energetic performance, as he showed all his dance chops and a well-synchronized choreography with his dancers. Despite the backlash against his relationship with Grace Chow, his fans still cheered him on all throughout his performance, showing their strong support to the man they called the Dance King.


It was almost a near perfect performance… if only it was performed at a dance awards. While his fans who came to support him gave a resounding applause and cheer after his performance, many viewers were not impressed at all. Some netizens commented that he didn’t sound good with his singing, as he failed to hit the high notes with his songs. They also noticed how he was already out of breath even at the start of his performance, making his singing almost sounded like screaming. While they did appreciate his dance moves, they pointed out that he should have given more effort with his singing than his dancing, given that he was performing at an awards show which put full emphasis on, you guessed it… music and singing.

Some netizens even went as far as to accused him of lip syncing. I don’t think he was lip syncing, but I believe he had a backing tape he was singing along with, which is common among artists who sing and dance at the same time. It only seemed he was full lip syncing mid-performance because he was already out of breath and was relying more on the backing tape than on his own voice. If he was full lip syncing, then his singing would have been perfect. Unless he also sounds bad on records which is too much already.


Show Luo at the start of his performance.

Viewers also noted how the applause didn’t build up to be a resounding one even if his fans tried their best, since some audience didn’t join in the cheering. His good friend Jolin Tsai tried to keep up the applause in the audience for as long as she could but failed in the end when her fellow artists didn’t to do the same. This fact didn’t escape Show’s attention, and when he finally got off the stage, some saw him bursting into tears. Jolin immediately went backstage to console him, and was even heard telling him that he did a wonderful performance.


Joilin Tsai tried her best to show her enthusiasm after Show’s performance.

The following day, Show clarified the reason why he cried backstage. He said that when he was invited to perform at the GMA, he was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions as he considered it a big honor. The days leading up to his performance was filled with stress, tension and anxiety, that when his four minutes on stage was up, all the pent up emotions suddenly burst out, thus reducing him to tears. He said he got emotional because of happiness, and his tears had nothing to do with the criticisms. Okay, good for him.

I have seen Show’s performance at the GMA, and while I do admit that the dance choreography and the special lighting effects were very impressive, I can’t speak the same for his live singing. It hurts to hear him sing, even at the beginning of his performance. But at least he did try.

UPDATED: Sorry, I had to remove the video as it’s now listed as private.

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