Vic Chou turns 34 years old without his girlfriend to celebrate by his side

Last week, Vic Chou celebrated his 34th birthday. But instead of celebrating it at home with his family, he spent it working on the road in Beijing, promoting his latest movie Detective Gui. He attended several television programs where he was, more than once, presented with a birthday cake, with his fans singing him the birthday song.

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Before the clock ticked to officially end his special day, he went out for a simple dinner with his small entourage of four who later presented him with a rose-petal-decorated cake. According to his manager, he is one person who doesn’t place much importance on his birthday and special holidays.

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His girlfriend Reen Yu wasn’t on hand to help him celebrate his birthday with him. When Vic was asked what his girlfriend gave him as a birthday present, he only said coyly that he’s very happy right now, effectively dodging the question. For his birthday wish, he wished for good health and to have a smooth year ahead. Earlier on, it was reported that he would film a total of four movies this year. With Lala 2 already underway and Z Storm set to commence filming next month, he still has two more movies yet to be known.

Reen Yu wasn't on hand to help celebrate her boyfriend's birthday.

Reen Yu wasn’t on hand to help celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday.

Not forgetting to greet him was fellow F4 member Vanness Wu who posted his personalized birthday greetings with a video of himself wearing a fake beard and sunglasses while trying to sing one of Vic’s songs.

Vanness Wu has his own unique way of greeting Vic Chou a happy birthday.

Vanness Wu has his own unique way of greeting Vic Chou a happy birthday.

Earlier on, Vic visited Vanness at his home where they dined together and talked about a possible F4 reunion among other things. The two of them planned to meet up again soon once their respective schedule would permit to talk about it more, whether they could act together in a movie or a drama series, or just hold another concert together.

Vanness Wu and Vic Chou recently caught up with each other to talk about a possible F4 reunion.

Vanness Wu and Vic Chou recently caught up with each other and had the chance to talk about a possible F4 reunion.

If I were to decide, I’d rather see them do a drama series together instead of holding a concert. Maybe they can do a final sequel to Meteor Garden, like ten years forward from Meteor Garden 2. Barbie Hsu can even reprise her role as the feisty Shancai. I’m sure that past is past, as all of them are now leading separate and fulfilled lives.


Now, before any of their fans start getting excited and getting their hopes up for a possible F4 reunion, Vic said that it’s not going to be easy for the four of them to work together again as each one is quite busy with their respective schedule. Vic is busy making movies, Jerry with his drama series, Vanness with his music, while Ken is currently studying to become a film director.

But hey, who knows? Fate has a funny way of making impossible things possible. Maybe if their fans wish hard enough, it might just come true one day.

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