Pace Wu’s dream to become a rich man’s wife

Pace Wu is one of those colorful little known artists who hail from Taiwan. Though she dabbled in a couple of television dramas and movies here and there, she’s more known as a model than an actress. She has very little or no achievements at all in her entire career to speak of, and the media is actually more interested in her personal life rather than her career (or none thereof).

She was more known in dating rich tycoons and businessmen, those belonging to the second generation rich. Maybe she’s wise like that, trying her best to snag herself a rich husband who can afford to provide her a luxurious lifestyle as she knows full well that her career (or none thereof) can’t really sustain her for the rest of her life.


Two years ago, she got herself pregnant out of wedlock by HK casino billionaire Ji Xiaobo. During her pregnancy, she boasted to the media that she would get married soon after she gave birth. She even shared her dreams of having a grand beach wedding somewhere in an exclusive island.

Pace Wu never lost her elegance during her first pregnancy.

Pace Wu never lost her elegance during her first pregnancy.

After Pace successfully gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl whom she named Hillary, the media eagerly anticipated for the promised wedding to push through. However, days became weeks, and weeks became months, and still, no wedding was ever seen in sight. This setback somehow effectively deflated Pace’s ego. She changed her tune from talking about weddings and marriages to happily living their own life on their own terms.

Pace Wu with daughter Hillary.

Pace Wu with daughter Hillary.

The media, on the other hand, started doubting whether Ji Xiabo really intends to marry Pace. The doubt began during her pregnancy, or most specifically during the last month of her pregnancy, when her fiancé was reported to have a clandestine rendezvous in Australia with a little known 25-year old Chinese actress named Ying Er. Pace gave birth to her firstborn at a Hongkong hospital sans her fiancé, with only her family to accompany her until she was discharged and sent home. That wasn’t the only time that her “future husband” was accused of infidelity. It was also alleged that he’s been keeping himself a 23-year-old Chinese mistress in Italy. According to media reports, she’s a 23-year old art student, and it was actually Xiaobo who was providing for her education and living expenses in Italy, including the small mansion she was living in.

Chinese actress Ying Er was allegedly one of Ji Xiaobo's many girlfriends.

Chinese actress Ying Er was allegedly one of Ji Xiaobo’s many girlfriends.

Ying Er wasn't embarrassed to share some photos from her Australian escapade with casino tycoon Ji Xiaobo.

Ying Er wasn’t ashamed to share some photos from her Australian escapade with casino tycoon Ji Xiaobo.

Despite all the rumors surrounding the rich tycoon, Pace denied all cheating allegations against him and maintained they are still very much together, that there’s no room for a third party in their relationship. Talk about turning a blind eye.

Pace Wu and Ji Xiaobo together with their baby daughter Hillary.

Pace Wu defended her boyfriend from all the cheating allegations.

Late last year, she surprised the media when she suddenly announced that she’s completely retiring from showbiz and would just concentrate on raising her daughter and starting a big family. At the age of 35 years old, she’s still planning to have, at least, four more children. The media again asked whether she would be getting married, and she only answered that she would definitely announce if there is any good news.

Pace Wu enjoys some downtime with her daughter.

Pace Wu enjoys some downtime with her daughter.

Fast forward to present time, Pace is still not yet married, not even engaged, but she’s again pregnant with her second child with Xiaobo. She happily announced the good news on her private social site when she posted a photo of an ultrasound showing her new baby. She said she doesn’t know the gender of her baby yet, but her due date would be sometime around in November. The question about marriage was again raised and Pace hinted that they might be getting married after she gave birth to their second child.

Pace Wu happily announced she is pregnant again with her second baby.

Pace Wu announced she is pregnant with her second baby.

I’m not sure whether I want to sympathize with Pace over her current predicament, but I sure am tempted to bonk her on the head just to force some common sense into her. This is getting so ridiculous. If her boyfriend really wants to marry her, he would have done so even before she gave birth to their first child. Promising marriage again after the birth of their second child is like hanging a candy over an eager child, just a little bit out of his reach. Is Ji Xiabo waiting for something to happen before he actually marries her? Perhaps waiting for Pace to give him a son? What if Pace is just hoping for nothing?

It amazes me at the extent of how much some women are willing to sacrifice in exchange for a luxurious and easier life. If Ji Xiaobo has no money on him, I’m sure Pace wouldn’t even give him a minute of her precious time. None of those other girls would be willing to carry the shameful title of being a mistress if he couldn’t provide them with everything and much more of what they want. It’s all about the money, and Xiaobo is definitely not a fool not to know this. A smart monkey is no match for a cunning wolf.

Whether Pace would finally get her wish of becoming a rich man’s wife soon is yet to be seen. For now, here’s hoping for her to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Pace Wu still dreams to become a rich man's wife someday.

Pace Wu still dreams of becoming a rich man’s wife someday.

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…”

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