Li Chen denies that Fan Bingbing was ever a third party, accuses former lover Viann Zhang of infidelity

When Fan Bingbing and Li Chen admitted to the public they are indeed dating, everyone was ecstatic. All their celebrity friends immediately sent out their blessings for the lovely couple. For the fans, it’s almost like a fairy tale come true for their beautiful Ice Queen to finally have found her one true love. Everybody is already second guessing when will their wedding be.

However, not all are roses for this pair of lovebirds. While Li Chen’s ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang also sent out her well wishes for the new couple, some fans were questioning her sincerity after some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that she had just deleted from her weibo account a set of photos she posted last year which featured her together with Bingbing. Fans also noted that both Viann and Bingbing unfollowed each other the day after the big reveal.

The following photos were all deleted from Viann Zhang's microblog.

The following photos were all deleted from Viann Zhang’s microblog.

And so the cold war between these two goddesses has just began...

And so the cold war between two goddesses has just began…

Then just like a television soap drama unfolding right before our eyes, a certain friend of Viann suddenly stepped forward claiming that Bingbing was actually the third party in the relationship of Viann and Li Chen. The friend added that even if Viann and Li Chen had parted ways in 2013, the two eventually managed to patch things up again and were actually secretly dating until November of last year. It was then when Bingbing allegedly entered the picture. And the rest, they say, was history.

Now here’s when things got a lot juicier. Just like the typical sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat climax in a television soap drama where each scene gets more and more dramatic every minute, enter a friend of Li Chen who claimed that the actor had long severed his ties from Viann after the latter allegedly cheated on him with a guy known as Mr. Huo (insert deep intake of breath here). This friend further added on that Viann dated Mr. Huo for two months while filming a drama series in Guangzhou, China during the time when she was still in a relationship with Li Chen. Fans then started pointing fingers at Wallace Huo as the culprit in question as he was seen back in 2013 entering a hotel with Viann where the two stayed the whole night. Wallace had long since denied any involvement with Viann, and at an event he attended yesterday, he refused to comment on the current scandal.

Wallace Huo refused to answer questions regarding his relationship with Viann Zhang.

Wallace Huo refused to answer questions regarding his alleged involvement with Viann Zhang.

On the other hand, in order to clear things up, Li Chen wrote a long post on his microblog where he stressed that Bingbing, whom he lovingly calls Xiao Fan, had never been the third party in his past relationship. He said that both he and Bingbing were single when they started dating each other. He further added on that although he knows his girlfriend has a strong will, he still feels the need to defend her against any form of slander and false accusations.

The 34-year old actor further wrote on his post that it was actually Viann who cheated on him during their relationship, which happens to be the reason why he had broken up with her a long time ago. He stressed that he had not been in contact with her in any which way since then. He went on to say that he hopes his and Viann’s paths may never cross again in this lifetime (Ouch!). Afterwards, Viann shot back at Li Chen by calling him heartless in her latest weibo post, and then went on to say that everything is all over between them.

Viann Zhang made her first public appearance yesterday since the scandal broke out to promote an online game. The press conference was swarmed with hordes of reporters and paparazzi (much scarier than zombies), all trying to ask for her reaction about Li Chen’s post. She was surrounded by her assistant and a couple of bodyguards on the way to the venue in order to protect her from the onslaught of the excited media. During the press conference, she refused to answer any question regarding the current scandal and instead just replied that the ongoing event isn’t the right place to answer such queries. As much as I don’t like Viann in some ways, though I really don’t dislike her that much, I have to commend her for taking the high road this time with her safe generic answer. Retorting back a smart ass reply can only worsen the predicament she’s currently in, especially now that most people see her as the evil witch out to destroy the fairy tale romance of Queeen Bingbing and her gallant consort Li Chen.

The media swarmed around Viann Zhang during an event she attended yesterday.

The media swarmed around Viann Zhang during an event she attended yesterday.

Her human wall was no match against the very determined media all clamoring for her attention.

Her human wall was no match against the very determined reporters who are all clamoring for her attention.

I always have high regards for men who know how to control their emotions during the most heated moments. But even more so for men who choose to maintain their silence even if their former lovers are throwing mud and stones at them. While I do agree that Li Chen was right to straighten out the accusations against Bingbing and to defend her from malicious slanders, I just don’t think it’s right for him to just drag Viann straight down to the mud in the process even if he’s telling the truth and she’s being a total bitch. His post could have been admirable had he not started throwing mud at his former lover. His action somehow made me question his integrity as a man. In the heat of the current situation right now, he just showed how low his EQ could really get during tight situations.

Viann Zhang and Li Chen during happier times.

Viann Zhang and Li Chen during happier times.

Fan Bingbing has never really gone public with any of her previous relationships. It’s only now that she did. It’s quite obvious how much she likes it for a change. I just hope Li Chen won’t disappoint her in the long run, and that he’s really so much more than just meets the eyes right now. I also hope that Bingbing won’t become one of the many intelligent women who had fallen victims to the trappings of the heart. There have been countless stories already of those women who allowed their hearts to rule over their heads for one brief moment in exchange for love and happiness only to get their hearts broken in the end. She definitely deserves so much more than that. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She could do that for herself much better than any man could ever do. What she needs is a man to care for her, to cherish her, and to love her, flaws and all. Hopefully Li Chen is up for that job.


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