Taiwanese actor An Jun Can succumbs to liver cancer at 31 years old

Taiwanese actor An Jun Can passed away at around 1 AM today due to liver cancer. He was only 31 years old. He was initially taken to a hospital and admitted in an intensive care unit, but he was later sent home. He was surrounded by his family members and close friends during his final hour.

Everyone was caught by surprise with his untimely death as he didn’t tell the public he was suffering from the said malady. His last public appearance was in one episode of Here Comes Kangxi that aired last May 20, although the actual filming took place last April. In that episode, Jun Can was already looking noticeably pale and very gaunt, but no one suspected he had a serious illness because of his positive demeanor and cheerful appearance. He only mentioned during the program that he’s currently suffering from insomnia lately and how he was relying on drugs to make him fall asleep. Aside from that, he intentionally forgot to mention the true state of his health.

An Jun Can's last public appearance.

An Jun Can’s last public appearance.

Although many of his celebrity friends have already posted their condolences on their respective microblogs, there’s only one post that’s worthy of mention, and that’s the post of his best friend, Taiwanese actress Ady An. Last May 31, she posted on her weibo a heart-wrenching plea to God not take him away yet and to still give him more time, and even requested everyone to help pray for him. Since she didn’t mention any name, no one paid much attention to it, thinking it was just another random post. It’s quite heart breaking to finally find out today who she was actually referring to.

Ady An's heart breaking post prior to An Jun's untimely demise.

Ady An’s heart breaking post prior to Jun Can’s untimely demise.

Ady was working in the Mainland last May 31 when she was notified to fly back to Taiwan immediately since Jun Can wanted to see her one last time. In his final hour, he told her he wanted to see her in a white wedding dress, and when she has kids of her own, he would want to babysit for her.

Jun Can and Ady were one of the few real best friends in the entertainment industry. Ady once mentioned how Jun Can promised to marry her if she’s still single at 35 years old. Even if that was only said in a jest, it was actually his sweet way of telling her he’s got her back. I can only imagine how devastated Ady must be right now.

Ady An and An Jun Can during happier times.

Ady An and An Jun Can during happier times.

An Jun Can had been in the entertainment industry for 13 long years. He participated in many television series and movies, taking on one forgettable character after another. He’s one of the many B to C-lister artists in Taiwan who struggled hard to leave an unforgettable legacy in his career, only to come short of his goal over and over again. But no matter, he was only 31 years old. He could still have gone a long way in his career. Thirty one years old is a very young age to die, and it’s more tragic knowing he died from the one illness that many have fought but very few have won since time immemorial. It’s a real struggle for those who suffer it, and pure agony and torment for their families and close friends.

A person’s life is like that of the fireworks. It lights up the sky for one brief glorious moment, and then total darkness, leaving not a single trace in the stillness of the night. Nothing left but memories, and memories do fade in due time. That quote isn’t mine. I could only wish it is. But how true that quote is for most people who die. Truth be told, most legacies don’t last long, only a very few does, such as those who managed to change the world or those who were able to start a new era. Some may argue that a deceased loved one will always stay alive in the memories of those who love him or her. I agree. But also bear in mind that memories also die once the person who has them dies. Nothing really lasts forever in this world.

Jun Can mentioned in his last television appearance that when he dies, no one would remember him. In every sense and reason there is, how true his final words are.

Forever rest in peace An Jun Can.

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2 Responses to Taiwanese actor An Jun Can succumbs to liver cancer at 31 years old

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you for the article. To me, An Jun Can is unforgettable for his performance in “Go, single lady” (Cheng Ai Yu Tao Ta / Shang Liu Su Nu). I really loved his character in this drama. I learnt late of his death, about a month ago (I’m from Poland), but my grief was genuine.


  2. A says:

    Happen to see this. Beautiful words. Thank you.


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