A first sneak peak into the making of Lala 2 with Vic Chou and Ariel Lin

The new movie Lala 2 starring Vic Chou, Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin started filming two weeks ago, and has been sailing smoothly so far. Fans and media alike have been constantly flocking to the filming site everyday, hoping to get a glimpse of the power cast in action.

One media outlet even managed to get some exclusive photos during filming.

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Fans have a sudden feeling of nostalgia when they saw the latest picture of Vic and Ariel hugging while filming a scene in the movie. Some even exclaimed how the two of them had come a long way since their first collaboration in Vic’s music video for Make A Wish. Though considered as just “babies” when they first started out in the entertainment industry, the two of them were able to achieve more than their older contemporaries. Ariel went on to win two Golden Bell best actress awards for both It Started With A Kiss and In Time With You, while Vic successfully shed off his idol image when he won the Golden Bell best actor award for his role as a military doctor in the war drama Home. Both have now shifted their focus from making TV dramas to making movies.

Ariel Lin and Vic Chou on the set of Lala2.

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin on the set of Lala 2.

Ariel Lin and Vic Chou together in a music video.

Ariel Lin and Vic Chou back in the early 2000’s.

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin and their winning moments at the Golden Bell Awards.

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin and their winning moments at the Golden Bell Awards.

While Chen Bolin is still yet to join them in Shanghai, the second female lead in the movie was revealed to be Im Jin Ah, a member of the Korean girl group After School. As is the current trend right now in China to include at least one Korean artist in their movies, Lala 2 is not an exception. Im Jin Ah, more known as NaNa by her fans, will be playing as the first half of the third party that will go between the characters of Vic and Ariel, with Bolin being the second half.

Vic Chou and Im Jin Ah got along well during filming.

Vic Chou and Im Jin Ah got along well during filming.

Looking at the latest photos of Vic and Ariel filming together, both all grown up and mature in their own rights, I can’t help but feel excited now to watch this movie. I have no doubt that the main cast is going to deliver well, both in talents and charisma. I just hope that the script, the directing, the editing and all the whatnot can also do that just as well.

For the meantime, just to give us a bit of a fix while waiting for Lala 2 to premiere on the silver screen, here’s the music video of Make A Wish featuring Vic and Ariel in all their glorious cuteness and innocence.

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