Vic Chou sees Reen Yu as his lifelong significant other half

Sweet love is definitely in the air for Vic Chou and his girlfriend of four years Reen Yu. The 33-year old actor recently attended an event for Men’s Uno magazine for their model search contest and he was no longer shy nor vague (at least by his privacy-stingy standard) when the topic is about love and marriage.

He expressed his hope to get married as soon as possible when asked of his future plans with his girlfriend. Although no date was set yet, he already has clear plans on how he wants his wedding to be. He wants it to be simple, with just their respective family and close friends, without the resplendency nor pomposity of most celebrity weddings that is the current trend nowadays. He further added that if it’s just up to him, he would just like to register their marriage without the bother of a wedding ceremony. However he’s still yet to discuss this matter with his future bride. Either way, simple wedding or not, he stressed that when he does finally take that plunge, he will never hide it from the public. He also expressed his desire to become a father soon after his marriage.

Vic Chou enunciates his plans to start his own family soon with his girlfriend Reen Yu.

Vic Chou wants to start a family with Reen Yu in the very near future.

Reen Yu may soon become the much coveted Mrs. Vic Chou.

Reen Yu may soon find herself as the very much coveted future Mrs. Vic Chou.

At the moment, his schedule for the second half of this year until early next year is fully packed that his marriage plans would have to take a backseat for now. He is set to start filming Lala 2 with Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin this May in Shanghai, followed by Z Storm with Louis Koo and Julian Cheung. With his upcoming tight schedule, he was asked whether he will still have time for his girlfriend, to which he replied, “Busy or not, I will always make time for her.” (Awww…)

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2 Responses to Vic Chou sees Reen Yu as his lifelong significant other half

  1. Monsusivic says:

    So sweet of ZZ.
    Waiting for the good news of ZZ and Reen.


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