Detective Gui is set to premiere in theaters on July 24, 2015

The day after their red carpet appearance at the 5th Beijing International Film Festival, Vic Chou and Wang Luodan held a press conference to announce the premiere date of their upcoming movie Detective Gui and start its first round of promotional activities. While Vic’s fashion sense was an epic fail at the BJIFF red carpet because of his one-size-smaller pants, he eventually made up for it at the press conference when he donned on a smart black and white pinstriped suit that’s finally a perfect fit for him. Wang Luodan matched him well by also wearing a black and white ensemble, from her sleeveless dress with a billowing skirt to her high stilettos.

Wang Luodan and Vic Chou wore matching outfits at the press conference of Detective Gui.

Wang Luodan and Vic Chou wore matching outfits at the press conference of Detective Gui.

Together with the film's director Oxide Pang.

Together with the film’s director Oxide Pang.

Both Luodan and Vic gave some previews of their respective characters in the movie. Luodan plays the title role Detective Gui, a make-believe detective with wild imaginations and unconventional ideas. She was described as someone intelligent, but with a low EQ after experiencing some disappointments in her personal relationship. Vic, on the other hand, plays a young ambitious policeman who’s still waiting for that one big break that could give his stagnant career a much needed boost. He’s also the type of law enforcer who strictly follows their protocol up to the dot. In an unexpected turn of events, the two of them ended up working together in a case, and because of their different personalities, they would have some clashes of the minds (and hearts) in the movie.

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There was one funny but cute segment at the press conference where Vic and Luodan got into a little role-playing. Luodan was given the task to coax an “angry” and playing-hard-to-get Vic to go out with her. At first, she did everything, even offering him flowers, but nothing seemed to move him. In the end, she told him she would sing Meteor Rain with him, which made Vic broke into laughter, finally giving in to her. Later on, Luodan admitted to have grown up watching Meteor Garden in her teens and her favorite F4 member was Vic.

Luodan knew just what to do to pacify Vic.

Luodan knew just what to do to pacify Vic.

During the question and answer proper, the issue on Ken Chu’s weight was again brought up when Vic was asked of his thoughts on his F4 buddy looking totally out of shape. I just had to laugh at the look of incredulity on Vic’s face when he heard the question. He looked like he was debating with himself whether he would answer the question or just totally ignore it. Eventually, the good-natured side of him won over and his answer was every bit as smart and classy as it could ever get. He said he’s not the type to judge anyone whether they’re thin or fat, and he strongly believes that personality is still far more important than one’s appearance. He added on that since he knew Ken for a long time, he didn’t notice any change at all in his appearance.

At the end of the press conference, they announced the premiere date of Detective Gui to be on July 24, 2015.


Here are the movie’s official posters.

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Detective Gui sounds every inch like an honest-to-goodness chick flick. If you’re planning to watch this movie, then don’t expect a spine-tingling plot nor any thrilling action scenes here. If anything, expect this to be like one of those wholesome Nancy Drew novels – no violence, no carnage, nor any form of bloodshed, but just enough amount of suspense that can keep you flipping through the pages until the very end. I will definitely be watching this movie whether it stinks or not, though I’m hoping it will be a pleasant surprise. Any movie with an eyeful of Vic is right up there at the top of my alley.

Vic Chou and Wang Luodan hoped to hit bull's eye at the box office with Detective Gui.

Vic Chou and Wang Luodan aim for the bull’s eye at the box office with Detective Gui.

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