The lives and loves (and all the drama in between) of some of today’s hottest bachelors in the Asian entertainment industry

Today is going to be a round of news involving some of the most eligible bachelors in the Asian entertainment industry.

Topping our list of bachelors is Taiwanese actor Vic Chou who may soon be saying goodbye to his bachelorhood soon. Men’s Uno magazine recently did an awesome feature on the 33-but-soon-to-be-34-year old actor in their latest issue. The bigger fan in me can’t help but gush at his squeal-worthy photos, although the smaller writer in me will try her best to suppress that fangirl in order to make my post, at the very least, even just a little bit comprehensible. He did a candid interview with the said magazine where he expressed his desire to get married soon and have a family of his own. He said that he doesn’t want his future kids to have parents who are too old. He went on to say that he hopes to live a simple family life where personal happiness means more over worldly stuffs. Not that he has to worry about financial matters. He’s doing quite well in that department, what’s with four endorsement deals and two upcoming movies under his belt for this year alone. His new movie with Wang Luodan entitled Detective Gui (formerly known as Lady Detective) is set to premiere this summer. The casts will be doing their first round of promotions in the upcoming Beijing Film Festival which will start on April 17. It was also reported earlier on that Vic will be filming the sequel for the movie Z Storm where he will share topbilling with Louis Kuo and Julian Cheung. The movie will start shooting around middle of this year.

Men's Uno magazine features Vic Chou on their front cover for their April issue.

Men’s Uno magazine features Vic Chou on their front cover for their April issue.

Vic is almost 35 years old, and being the country boy that he originally is, it’s only natural for him to long for a family of his own and to quietly settle down. His latest statement also kind of secure the future of his girlfriend Reen Yu with him. I’m sure a lot of hearts would break the day he walks down the aisle and says I do. But hey, it’s time he thinks about his own happiness and not just of other people. As early as now, I do extend my best wishes to him on his future plans and endeavors.

Vic Chou definitely knows how to work it in photoshoots.

Vic Chou definitely knows how to work it in photoshoots.

The next bachelor on our list is Vic’s fellow F4 member Jerry Yan. Apparently, the 38-year old idol actor is now officially out of the new reality dating show We Are In Love, the equivalent of Korea’s We Got Married. Also out of the said dating show are Kris Wu and Tang Yan. The celebrities who would be taking their places are Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, Chinese actor Ren Zhong, and Korean import Choi Siwon. Ruby and Ren are going to be paired off with one another while lucky guy Siwon will be paired up with gorgeous supermodel Liu Wen. The pairing of Kimi and Xu Lu will still go ahead as planned.

On the other hand, Jerry just decided to stick to what he does best, that is filming romantic idol dramas. He just recently started filming a new Mainland romantic drama about love and fashion called Best Ex-Boyfriend, together with HK star Ron Ng and chinese actress Jiang Shingyu of So Young fame. He is also filming a new romantic movie with Taiwanese actress but China sweetheart Joe Chen. This movie boasts to be of the same caliber, if not better, as the new romantic movie of Huang Xiao Ming and Yang Mi You Are My Sunshine which will premiere next month. As of this moment, there are still not much details about the movie, but Andy Lau is also rumored to be starring in it. I’m just not sure where that would place the former F4 member in the movie given the fact that Andy is not one to share leading man roles with anyone.

Jerry Yan is currently shooting his latest television series Best Ex-Boyfriend.

Jerry Yan is currently shooting his latest television series Best Ex-Boyfriend.

Joe Chen and Jerry Yan filming their latest movie.

Joe Chen and Jerry Yan on the set of their latest movie.

It’s just too bad that he didn’t push through with the new reality dating show. I would have loved to see him do something different besides good ol’ but safe idol dramas. Allegedly, his role in the new drama is something like the male version of Meryl Streep from the movie The Devil Wears Prada. I can almost see another Dao Ming Si role in the works, an angsty man who has a change of heart along the way when he falls in love with the female protagonist. I have now lost count on the number of times he took on that same kind of role. He should try and get out of his comfort zone if he really wants to change his image. He’s almost forty now and he can’t just keep on playing the same roles over and over again. The movie Lupin was a good change for him. The reality show could have been better. Oh well…

Third on the list is 32-year old bachelor Ethan Ruan whose his fate with his long time (ex?)sweetheart Tiffany Hsu is still uncertain as of this moment even if they were seen together again just a few days ago. Ethan was seen driving Tiffany to the apartment they once shared where they stayed for about an hour before dropping her off to a local department store. Tiffany shopped for awhile then went back to her own place alone in a taxi cab. But before their fans can start swaying their pom poms and doing those cheerleader high kicks, all is not yet well for these two. In response to the latest gossips that were insinuating that she has gotten back together with Ethan, Tiffany posted a message on her facebook yesterday saying that she’s now concentrating on her work and just trying to live her own life. She also expressed her hope that she can quietly move on with her life.

Ethan Ruan was seen driving Tiffany Hsu around town.

Ethan Ruan was seen driving Tiffany Hsu around town.

No one knows for sure what made Tiffany suddenly walked out on Ethan. The cheating rumors just keep on popping up that I can’t help but think that maybe there’s some grain of truth to it. If it’s really true that Ethan just can’t keep his pants up, then Tiffany should really leave him for good and find herself a better man who is more deserving of her love. An apology tends to lose its sincerity if the bad deed is just being repeated over and over again.

Things are also not going so well for the Monga actor when it comes to his career which continues to take a nosedive. His latest movie Inspector Fan suffered the backlash of his scandal when it only earned a measly $65 at the Hong Kong box office, which means that only one person watched it (probably the cinema manager?). The movie also didn’t do well at the China box office when it was released in the Mainland last January, only earning roughly around 23 million yuan (US$3.74 million), which was far from the 120 million yuan the producers were expecting. Ethan better get his act together fast before he loses both his career and the woman he loves.

Inspector Fan was a big disappointment at the box office.

Inspector Fan was a big disappointment at the box office.

The last but most definitely not the least bachelor on our list, Louis Koo is in a not-so-good news today. Accusatory fingers are pointing at the 44-year old box office king to be the main reason for the break up of Taiwanese lovebirds Amber Kuo and Tony Yang. While Tony is still willing to give their relationship a second try, Amber isn’t that much keen about it. Allegedly, the woman’s love for her boyfriend fizzled out after falling in love with Louis during the filming of their romantic movie Paris Holiday last year. There were also reports claiming that it’s also because of Louis that Amber was given a major part in Triumph In The Sky, a movie which drew them closer to one another. Both Tony and Amber denied the news while the diamond bachelor refused to comment on the matter.

Amber Kuo and Louis Koo danced awkwardly during the press conference of their latest movie.

Amber Kuo and Louis Koo danced awkwardly during the press conference of their latest movie.

Louis was also rumored before with Joe Chen and Michelle Chen. It seems this Hongkong superstar has a particular preference for Taiwanese actresses. Not saying that the rumor of him with Amber is true, but if ever, I believe she’s better off with Tony instead. Louis doesn’t seem to be the type to be tied down with anyone anytime soon.

The crazy love triangle of Louis Koo, Michelle Chen and Joe Chen.

The crazy love triangle of Louis Koo, Michelle Chen and Joe Chen.

There you have it folks, all four eligible bachelors that are currently in the news. Different types of bachelors for different types of women. With their good looks, fame and fortune, the world is their oyster and tough love is the name of their game. But at the end of the day, after basking in the spotlight with millions of girls at their beck and call, they still long for a pair of loving arms to hold them in their sleep, and be comforted with the thought that when they wake up, that same pair of loving arms would still be there to greet them a good morning.

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