Angelababy and Huang Xiao Ming pull off the biggest April Fool’s prank

This is one of the reasons why I refused to believe any news that would come out every April 1. I usually wait a good day, or two, or even three, before believing any news that will come out on that particular day.

Just a few days ago, the Chinese entertainment industry had all gone a-buzzing with news when Huang Xiao Ming revealed his plans to marry Angelababy on October 1 in a lavish dream wedding in France reportedly worth half a million. He even promised to take all their relatives and friends to witness their union. Xiao Ming stated that he would do this because it’s always been Angelababy’s dream to have a grand wedding fit for a princess. This news received a lot of well wishers from their fans, but it also received a lot of flak for Angelababy’s over self-indulgence.

Shortly after, the 26-year old model-actress with the weird moniker appeared for a press conference of her latest movie Bride Wars and denied that they are planning such a lavish wedding in France. She said that she prefers to get married in the Mainland as it’s more convenient for all their friends and families to attend their wedding. Though she admitted that while they do have plans to get married this year, she countered that October 1 is not going to be the date of their wedding. When reporters kept on asking her questions about the supposed wedding plans in France, Angelababy finally relented and reluctantly said that it was just an April Fool’s joke. Boo yeah!

Angelababy looking radiant on the press conference of her new movie Bride Wars.

Angelababy looking radiant on the press conference of her new movie Bride Wars.

However, despite the distasteful “you-can’t-just-joke-about-those-things” prank from the lovebirds, the media and their fans are still keeping their eyes peeled for these two for a possible grand wedding ceremony to be happening soon.


Even if the supposed French wedding might just be a harmless prank, but with Xiao Ming’s extravagant and overly generous display of affection for his fiancee, such as throwing over-the-top birthday surprises for her and giving her a Lamborghini as a birthday gift, expect nothing short of a lavish wedding for this high profile couple to take place soon in their near future.

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For now, let us all just have a good laugh on this prank, just like the good sport that we are.

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