Vivian Hsu is now three months on the way to motherhood

Vivian Hsu just turned 40 years old yesterday and today, she just announced the best gift she has received for this year. She is going to be a mother soon!

The 40-year old hot mama just posted a photo of her herself as she proudly shows her curvy figure and her very obvious baby bump. She is currently three months pregnant, and as per Chinese tradition, they can only announced the pregnancy once it’s past its first trimester. It’s such perfect timing that her first trimester coincided with her 40th birthday.

11073403_1554789011437494_3922970443092617881_n   photo

Vivian Hsu married her Singaporean hubby Sean Lee last year.

Vivian Hsu married her Singaporean hubby Sean Lee last year.

I’m truly very happy for her. She deserves every single blessing that she’s receiving right now. She’s been through the wringer, both in her career and personal life. But she came out of it stronger. Though scarred and marred, her heart is still in the right place. And what a perfect way to come out of the other end of the tunnel than to have a pair of loving arms waiting for her. She’s been married to her husband Sean Lee for more than a year. Now they have a little bundle of joy on the way to eagerly anticipate for.

Congratulations to Vivian and Sean. May they be blessed with a healthy and happy baby.

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