Vic Chou is the new spokesperson for Volvo in Taiwan

I mentioned in my last post that Vic Chou recently secured a lucrative contract with famous car brand Volvo. Yesterday, Volvo launched their first commercial featuring the 34-year old Golden Bell award best actor winner to introduce their latest car model S80 in Taiwan. The car’s feel is matched with Vic’s personality – gentle, tender but manly. The commercial was shot in black and white, with a jazzy oldies tune as background music, giving the commercial that old classic feel. It started off with Vic waking inside a big, dark hangar with the S80 sitting in the middle. He slowly approached the car, then gently caressing it as he slowly circled around it, almost like a man romancing his lady love. I’m sure a lot of his fangirls must have been wishing they were that car instead.

In addition to the TV commercial, Volvo also launched a website promoting their latest car model S80 with lots of Vic eye candy interspersed in between. It’s almost as if they made the website not only to attract the car enthusiasts and potential buyers but also to entice the actor’s fans as well. They even made several wallpapers featuring Vic available for download. This particular feature of the website is no doubt aimed to cater to his fans’ insatiable whims.

One of the many wallpapers available for download at Volvo's official website.

One of the many wallpapers available for download at Volvo’s official website.

According to Taiwan media, Vic easily made a cool NTD$8 million from his latest endorsement with Volvo. With his other endorsements tucked neatly under his belt, he’s now lording over the Taiwan consumers market together with Chen Bolin and Eddie Peng. With such good company at the top, you know that’s never a bad thing.

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