Vic Chou is speculated to be on the way to family life after selling his silver sports car

I’ve always wanted my regular dose of news on Vic Chou, but this guy is so low profile that there are hardly any news about him when he’s not working. But kudos to the Taiwanese media for working doubly hard and trying their best to come up with news about him every once in awhile, no matter how mundane they are, such as him and his girlfriend going to the carwash or just him driving around the city on his blue BMW. Trust it to the Taiwanese paparazzi to come up with those kind of nonsensical news about him. But heh, I’ll take any news at any day as long as it has Vic Chou in it. 🙂

Just recently, the paparazzi’s hard work had once again paid off when they found out last month that Vic sold his most prized Mercedes Benz SLR which was worth around NTD $30 million. His brother made the final deal, even giving the car a final test-drive before handing the keys to its new owner. His brother even took a final photo before it’s buh-bye for good to Vic’s sports car which happened to be the same car that he took his girlfriend of three years Reen Yu for a ride when she went out to buy some personal items at a convenience store three years ago.


Latest news on Vic Chou


093057h0s0y22smhnp2sig Vic patiently waited for Reen while she picked up some personal items from a convenience store (circa 2013)

Again, and as usual of the Taiwanese media, they expertly put a twist to this benign story to make it more interesting. They are insinuating that such a move might be Vic’s preparation for marriage to his girlfriend Reen. For those who don’t know, Vic has always been known as a car enthusiast. He owns several sports cars and he even used to join in several street drag races back in his early years. He’s also known to take care of his cars very well, as he’s able to preserve them in their mint conditions even after many years. He even considered his precious cars to be like his own little “wifey”. According to his close circle of friends, the silver Mercedes Benz SLR was known to be his most favorite car. Now that he has sold it, the media is speculating that he is now ready to give up the fast life in exchange for a boring but more stable family life.

The imaginative media eagerly anticipates Vic's wedding to Reen.

The imaginative media eagerly anticipates Vic’s wedding to Reen


I can’t even imagine how the media can come up with such laughable stories. Some news even went on to say that he would be using that money to host his grand wedding. Okay, I really don’t think he needs to sell his car just to be able to afford a grand wedding banquet. Just at the start of this year, and in less than three months, he has already earned NTD $40 million from his endorsement deals alone. In addition to his current endorsements ranging from skin care products to beverages and clothing apparels, he also recently secured a lucrative contract with Swedish car brand Volvo. Not to mention his film offers that are still up and coming. This guy is fully loaded.


Vic’s new endorsement with Volvo

There’s really no need to put too much meaning on him selling his sports car. If more than anything, I think it’s even a good business move to sell his car as early as possible. You see, a car’s value depreciates over time, meaning its worth becomes lesser and lesser as years go by. Selling the car now would be able to bring in more profit for him as compared to selling it at a much later date. Keeping an expensive car for many years is never practical unless you plan to hand it down to your third generation. Only by then can a car become much valuable again. But for the time in between, maintaining it in tip top form can be very expensive.

Another thing, this move can also be considered as good for his new car endorsement. Volvo is more known for their family-oriented recreational vehicles. Seeing him favoring more of his RV over the sports car just about earned him several brownie points for his new car endorsement.

At the end of the day, with his money-making abilities lately, he can always buy himself a new and better sports car if he wants to.

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