Jerry Yan joins a reality dating show in China

I just can’t believe that the usually private Jerry Yan is going to participate in a reality dating show. Yes, you read it right, he was recently confirmed to be one of the participants of the new reality show entitled We Are In Love, which is China’s equivalent to Korea’s We Got Married. He will be paired up with Chinese supermodel Liu Wen, who is said to follow on the footsteps of Lin Chi Ling, his much more popular and far more successful but still unmarried 41-year old former girlfriend. Other participants include the pairings of Tiffany Tang and Kris Wu, and Xu Lu and Qiao Ren Liang. It will soon air sometime in April this year.


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The show will follow the three pairs around as they pretend to be in love with their respective partners. They will all go through the usual courtship and go out on dates as real couples do. It promises to give the viewers lots of romantic mushiness that may send some fans into shipping mode. At the end, it would be up to the participants whether to continue on as a real couple in the real world or end their relationship alongside with the series.

Nowadays, a reality show can be used as a springboard for some artists to give their lukewarm careers a good kick start (which is why I’m wondering why the heck would Tiffany Tang still want to join in). For others, it can be used as a way to revive their seemingly faltering careers. I think for Jerry, his reason should be the latter, though I really don’t think his star is already fading. His last television drama with Tong Liya did quite well last year even if his performance there wasn’t that exemplary enough to make his character an “unforgettable” one (pun intended). Unfortunately though, his luck isn’t the same when it comes to making movies. His last Taiwanese movie Ripples of Desire tanked very badly at the box office back in 2012, that up until now, its production company is still reeling from their big financial loss and still trying to recover their face from the embarrassing failure that was brought about by the said movie. He also recently appeared in another big production movie, Lupin III. Although the movie did well overseas, most of the credits went to its main lead, Japanese actor Oguri Shun. Jerry only played a secondary role in the movie.

Jerry is still yet to make a solid breakthrough in China as a solo artist. He already once attained immense popularity there a few years ago, but as a member of F4. With his decision now to join a reality show, I have to say that he is pulling every trick up his sleeves to try and make it big one more time in China where all the moolah is. Acting isn’t much of his strength but he has enough charm to somehow stay afloat and not to sink further down the sea of the has-beens. The Chinese entertainment industry is one hard egg to crack. Not many Taiwanese actors and actresses are able to successfully penetrate through it. The few lucky ones that are able to make it through are Eddie Peng, Vic Chou, Mark Chao, Chen Bolin, Ethan Ruan and the lone rose Ruby Lin. Joseph Chang is still trying to crack it, but the guy is talented enough that, eventually, he would be able to do it sooner. China has a lot of its homegrown talents to contend with, so why stray far when the apples are already on its own backyard?

I’m never a fan of reality shows. They just give the audience a false sense of what they are watching is reality. But the truth is, everything is still fake and scripted. The only difference from a usual TV drama is that in a reality show, the participants can ad lib and freestyle all they want, just as long as they don’t veer too far away from the script. Having said that, maybe I will try and give this one a go. It might be fun to watch the usually uptight and reserved Jerry Yan to act all mushy and be kissy-kissy with his pretend girlfriend in front of the cameras.

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