Kim Hyun Joong’s baby drama

I’ve been trying to ignore this news for several days now ever since it first came out, but its ugly head keeps rearing itself up every time I open the Internet. I’m talking about the latest scandal of Kim Hyun Joong and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Miss Choi formerly referred to as Miss A. The latest scandal is just so pathetically stupid that I can’t even fathom why the heck am I writing about it. Call me a looney but I will still write about it.

In this latest scandal, Kim Hyun Joong and Miss Choi apparently got back together again after she forgave him for physically assaulting her and all but one battery charges were dropped against him. One thing seemed to have lead to another, and now they are both expectant parents as Miss Choi is currently 10 weeks pregnant with his child. The problem is, the two of them just broke up again recently, so instead of happily rejoicing in what’s supposed to be a good news, they are now openly throwing daggers at one another in a public spat through their respective representatives.

And if that’s not even enough of a live action drama unfolding right before our eyes, Hyun Joong’s parents now decided to join in the fray. His parents just recently accepted an interview where they voiced out their frustration against Choi and her refusal to have a medical check up in their presence to prove her pregnancy. They further added that the controversy has been negatively affecting their family, especially Hyun Joong who, according to them, now refuses to even step out of the house. I’ll say, a rotten carcass can attract the vulture.

I don’t know how this whole shenanigan would end, but it has  enough plot twists in it to give those reel dramas on telly a run for their money. Maybe someone could create a new drama series using this whole scandal as its main plot. That one would be very interesting.

All these controversies have effectively marred Hyun Joong’s once immaculate image, at least in my opinion. Every time I look at him now, all I see is a pathetic and weak man who doesn’t even have a single clue on how to fix his life, that the best he could do in difficult times is to hide away at his home and let his parents deal with the whole matter. Talk about hiding behind his momma’s skirt. He should man up and bravely face this situation on his own. He’s 28 years old, damn it, and not a ten-year old kid who still needs his parents to bail him out in tight situations which he himself had created in the first place.

As for Miss Choi, I do understand her fear of Hyun Joong and his family at this delicate time of her pregnancy since she just suffered domestic violence at the hands of the man who should have protected her instead. Anyone who’s had a traumatic experience can easily become paranoid and very defensive at the slightest provocation, which in this case is Hyun Joong’s family’s insistence to have her medical check up done in their presence. But I do believe it would be best if she would be clear on what she really wanted out of this situation. Both of them should stop using the media as their mode of communication because nothing comes out good when handled by the media. Things like these should be dealt with privately and never publicly, because in the end, no one would be hurting more than the innocent unborn baby who’s unwillingly thrown in the middle of a mudslinging fiasco in which his own parents are the primary instigators.

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