Vic Chou is caught with traffic violations; Reen Yu lives frugally to make ends meet

Vic Chou was spotted last Friday (January 23) on one of his rare outings when he was seen driving his blue BMW around the busy streets of Taipei. He was seen with a couple of stubble on his upper lip and chin, and also with dark circles underneath his eyes. What’s “controversial” about this particular outing was that he was actually caught by the eagle-eyed paparazzi violating two traffic rules, namely, driving down against a one-way street and not wearing his seat belt. Vic’s manager immediately came to his defense by saying that he was actually wearing a seat belt and only removed it after he stopped his car at a gas station to fill up his tank. She further added that since he was already previously involved in a car accident years ago, he has always placed great importance on safety whenever he’s driving. As for driving against a one-way street? His manager apologized on his behalf for that particular mistake and for setting a bad example.


Since the news report involved Vic, the reporters deemed it’s only right to mention his girlfriend too even if she wasn’t there at the scene with him. Taiwanese actress-model Reen Yu was conveniently mentioned just because of her association with him.

The reporter couldn’t pass up an opportunity to “innocently” ask of Reen’s current whereabouts and of her current status. The media must be missing her a lot since her last television appearance was two years ago when her last drama Love Maid aired its final episode back in 2013. Since then, she has gone underground and out of the public eye. Many speculated that she has now become Vic’s very own “love maid” and is completely dependent on him for her own state of living. Her manager shot down these rumors by saying she hasn’t retired yet from the industry and would definitely accept a new work if there will be a decent script available for her. Her manager further added on that she doesn’t depend on Vic for her living, that she has saved enough money during her active years to fully support herself now, and is currently living frugally to make ends meet.

I’m not sure whether I would like to believe that explanation or not. It’s not as though she earned many millions before to be fully and completely independent right now. Maybe it’s true that she doesn’t completely depend on Vic, though I doubt she could fully support herself without actually working. For one thing, paying house/apartment rents is not exactly that cheap, although she need not have to worry about that since she is currently living together with her boyfriend.

She was last seen in public more than a year ago at a car’s maintenance shop with Vic. She obviously gained a lot of weight then that people even thought her to be pregnant which she immediately denied.


However, her latest photo from her Facebook page reveals her to have lost some weight and even looks a lot skinnier now.


The media couldn’t help but take a jab at her weight loss by insinuating that she’s getting thinner because she doesn’t have enough money to feed herself.

I really have no idea what Vic and Reen are up to these days. Whether Vic is supporting her or not, that’s their personal business. As for marriage, there are still currently no plans according to Vic’s manager as he is fully focused on work right now.

The media can be so nosy and such busybody that they would say and do just about anything and everything to sell their stories. But hey, not everyone is as privileged as Reen is. Some people really do have to work hard just to put food on their tables.

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