The roller coaster relationship of Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo

Barely more than a year since getting married, Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo are already experiencing major bumps in their marital relationship. The marital woes of the former F4 member and the Singaporean heiress started last December when they sniped against one another online after Arissa posted disparaging remarks against her husband on Instagram. She posted a photo that said, “I’m going to give you the same amount of effort as you give me,” after which she wrote, “merry fucking Christmas.” One netizen reprimanded her to watch her words as it reflects badly on her husband’s faith. She wrote back saying that her husband is fake and not what he seemed to be as what people see on television. In retaliation, Vanness wrote on his Instagram, “Watch your tongue,” as a response to his wife’s posts. The two then unfollowed each other on Instagram.

ari4  ari

After more than a week later, the two were said to have patched things up when Vanness posted on his Instagram a video of sea waves and wrote, “Life’s momentum flows from the ripples of love.” Arissa also posted on her Instagram a photo of a baby in a pool and added, “I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.”

However just a few days ago, a fresh batch of rumors is again swirling around this odd couple. This time, it was alleged that Arissa is now seeking divorce from her husband and is confiding her friends about it. The flame was further fanned after she posted again on her Instagram about how a woman struggles in silence and how no one knows or understands about it.


It was alleged that the couple’s marital woes are due to their clashing personalities, different religious beliefs and sexual disharmony. Arissa was said to be a party girl with a wild personality who couldn’t be tamed by her husband.

Vanness, who is currently hosting Asia’s Got Talent, was asked regarding the latest rumors. He said that he would not be talking about his personal relationship in public. He further added that he’s not perfect and he’s just being himself. Although he was seen laughing in front of the camera during filming, he was noticeably quiet and pensive off screen.


In order to put a stop to all the bad rumors that are currently hounding him and his wife, Vanness posted on his social sites a photo of him and his wife kissing. He wrote, “Is everyone done? Don’t write about it anymore. Thank you.”


Arissa for her part also posted a screen cap of a video chat she was having with a friend. At the corner of the screen cap showed a small photo of her and Vanness lying in bed together while playfully posing for the camera.

IMG_99823  IMG_99822

After all that’s been said and done, it seems that Vanness and Arissa are still very much together. However, given the stubborn and unpredictable personalities of these two people, I doubt we have seen the last of this.


For their own sake, I hope they don’t air their dirty laundry out in the open the next time they squabble. It will save them a lot of trouble trying to clear things up, and also save them a lot of space in their social sites.

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