Liu ShiShi and Nicky Wu register their marriage in Beijing

Well I’ll be damned. It was just three days ago that Jay Chou married Hannah Quinlivan, and while everyone was still reeling from the shock of that wedding, Nicky Wu dropped his own shock bomb today by announcing that he has registered his own marriage with girlfriend Liu ShiShi in Beijing!

Just before the clock struck noon today, January 20, Nicky posted a photo of their marriage certificates with two wedding bands. He captioned his post with “To treasure happiness“. ShiShi reposted his photo not a minute later and wrote “We are very happy“.

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Though this news may come off as a big surprise, marriage rumors have been swirling around the couple since last year after a fan saw Nicky at the Taiwan Judicial Registry office signing some papers believed to be some documents for obtaining a marriage license. ShiShi was not with him at the registry office, although earlier accounts noted that she was with him in Taiwan during that time.


ShiShi and Nicky in Taiwan

When Nicky’s manager was asked for a confirmation, his manager was ambiguous with her reply when she said she’s not sure if he did obtain a marriage license that day.

It was reported that marriage was already in the cards when Nicky brought ShiShi to his hometown in Taiwan last Lunar new year to meet his parents and relatives. The two lovers were also said to be already cohabiting since last year and even going on exclusive vacations together.

Anyway, congratulations to ShiShi and Nicky. This marriage is the second for 44-year old Nicky and the first for 27-year old ShiShi. Hopefully it’s also going to be their last. Expect a grand wedding banquet to follow soon.


Recently, many celebrities have been tying the knot as if there’s no tomorrow. Last year, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau lead the pack, followed by Vivian Hsu-Sean Lee, Jade Chou-Blue Lan, Zhou Xun-Archie Kao, Valen Hsu-Choi Jae-sung, Gao YuanYuan-Mark Chao, and Ariel Lin-Charles Lin. This first month of this year alone, three couples have already plunged into married life – Hannah Quinlivan-Jay Chou, Sonia Sui-Tony Chia and Liu ShiShi-Nicky Wu. So who’s going to be next in line? All eyes are now on Angelababy-Huang Xiaoming and Zhang Ziyi-Wang Feng. Although I wouldn’t mind a surprise wedding from my favorite actor Vic Chou and his girlfriend Reen Yu. Take your pick.

After this onslaught of celebrity marriages left and right, expect celebrity baby boom to follow suit. Get your ear plugs ready for the deafening cries of babies.

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