Jay Chou marries Hannah Quinlivan in a fairytale wedding

Mandopop King Jay Chou married his model-actress girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in a wedding ceremony which is nothing short of a fairytale. Last January 17, the couple exchanged vows at the Selby Abbey Church in North Yorkshire, England. The bride wore a white custom-made and princess-inspired ballgown wedding dress, while the groom wore a British royalty-inspired tuxedo by Alexander McQueen. Hannah also wore a princess tiara worth NT$33.38 million (US$1.05 million) and a diamond-encrusted necklace worth NT$278.1 made by French jeweler Chaumet. The two jewelry pieces were Jay’s wedding gifts to his wife.


The ceremony was presided by a Taiwanese pastor and attended by only 50 of their family members and friends.  There was a 20-piece orchestra in the background playing music composed by the groom himself. After the ceremony, the entourage went to Castle Howard for the wedding reception. Apple Daily reported that the wedding cost approximately NT$23 million (US$1 million). The couple plans to hold a second wedding banquet in Taiwan around March, and another one in Australia for Hannah’s relatives at a later date.

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The newlyweds took their prenuptial photos last year from different locations in Europe, such as France, Prague and Germany.

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Jay admitted that the two have registered their marriage since last year. The couple started dating four years ago when Hannah was just 17 years old. Despite the initial negative reactions to their relationship due to their wide age gap, Jay maintained that he and Hannah get along very well and never had any major argument before.

Jay Chou is one talented musician, but was also known for his arrogance and rudeness at times. He had been in several relationships before, including Mandopop Queen Jolin Tsai, Taiwanese TV host Patty Hou and Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu. Not to mention the countless and faceless bevy of models and starlets linked to him in the past. Now it seems that the heart of a beast has been tamed by one beauty. Beauty and the Beast. What a perfect ending to their fairytale. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

Here’s the video of their fairytale wedding.

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