Kai Ko changes for the better….. or so it seems

Since his arrest last year in China due to drug charges, Kai Ko has fast fallen from grace. Due to the ban in China for artists involved in drugs and protitution, he found himself without a job for the whole of last year. The movies in which he took part of have been either re-editing or re-shooting some scenes to completely remove him from the picture. All of his endorsements dropped him. He eventually went back to Taiwan and promised to turn a new leaf. He enrolled himself in school to finish his education and is now actively participating in sports and charity events, obviously trying to change his image and show the world that he has reformed for the better. Just recently, he luckily landed himself a new endorsement from a popular brand of bags and accessories Porter.


However, just when things seemed to start looking up again for the young actor, unfavorable rumors have not ceased to hound him. First, the media claimed that Kai only got the endorsement deal from Porter because his father was friends with the brand’s senior management. It was also reported that he only got a small appearance fee just so he could pick up his career again. Of course, Kai denied that nepotism got him the job. Curiously though, his dad was there at the event, even taking photos of his son. Probably for moral support?

Another rumor that’s been going around since last year was that he hasn’t been regularly going to his classes, and instead has transferred to several universities over the past few months. His manager stressed that the reason he has been transferring universities was to avoid the media who kept on hounding him wherever he goes. Okaaaaay…

Then just less than a week ago, the reporters saw him smoking and hanging out at a bar with a group of friends in the wee hours of the morning. He was seen to be constantly checking his cell phone from time to time, apparently waiting for a call or a text message from someone. At around 3 AM, a long haired woman approached him and sat down beside him. The two acted rather intimately with one another, giving off the impression that they were a couple. On closer inspection, the reporters immediately recognized the woman to be Taiwanese actress Tia Li. They left the bar together after an hour.

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When asked for a response, Kai said that he was there with a group of friends to discuss a possible business venture. I nearly spit out my coffee when I read that. Really now? Discussing business at 3 AM? That must be some really interesting business to get up that early, or to stay up that late, whichever you prefer.

As for Tia Li, he maintained that he’s just friends with the Taiwanese actress and that there’s nothing intimate going on with the two of them.


The reporters further probed him on his promise to quit his vices and going to nightclubs, for which he sheepishly said that he didn’t actually promise to completely quit, but just to lessen it. Uh-huh. He said that for his body’s sake, he will try to quit smoking, although that might take some time for him to do. To save himself from being completely grilled, he further added on that he didn’t go to a nightclub but only to a bar and that he was only there because one of his friends invited him. He went on to apologize again for his recent actions. Riiiiight…

Kai is still young at 23 years old. Apparently, the itch of going out and partying around till late at night and all those vices still haven’t outgrown him yet. It seems that his incarceration in China last year did very little to completely make him turn around. Until now, my impression of him is still that of a little spoiled brat who had a taste fame and fortune much, much too soon for his own good. At his age, second chances can be limitless. However, no one knows when a second chance is going to be the last one. For his own sake, I hope he wakes up soon and really changes for the better before it’s too late.

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