Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang put an end to their 15-year long feud

The long-standing feud between TV hostess-model Dee Hsu and TV host Mickey Huang finally came to an end when the latter made an appearance on Kangxi Lai Le, the TV program which Dee co-hosts with Kevin Tsai, to support Selina of SHE in the promotion of her upcoming album. The two former lovers had a long history of constantly sniping against one another after Mickey allegedly cheated on Hsu with another TV hostess Bowie Tsang.

Prior to that episode, the producers first asked Dee for her permission to allow Mickey to appear on the show, which she readily agreed. The first steps to their truce seemed to have began since last month after she sent him a friend request in Facebook, a move which surprised her fans. She was apparently touched after her former lover gave a glowing review of her latest EP entitled Elephant Dee on his radio program earlier on.

The atmosphere in the studio was emotionally charged when the former lovers met again after 15 years. Dee was already in tears even before Huang appeared, and she was unable to hold back anymore when they finally came face to face.


She made the first move to close the gap between them when she walked towards him and reached out for his hand in a tight and long handshake. She apologized to him for the pain and hardship she had caused him after she and her big sister Barbie Hsu lambasted him on their TV show back in 2000 for his infidelity. It can be recalled that after the Hsu sisters revealed Mickey’s cheating on national TV, it ruined his image and severely affected his career as no one hired him for work for two years. He had long since recovered from the setback and even won several awards for his hosting skills, including the Golden Bell Awards for Best TV Host in 2013.

Dee hsu made the first step to share a friendly handshake with Mickey Huang, officially ending their 15-year feud.

Dee Hsu made the first step to share a friendly handshake with Mickey Huang

Hsu could no longer hold back her tears when she finally came face to face with Huang.

Dee was in tears as she apologizes to Huang

Mickey was deeply touched and filled with emotions with Dee’s apology, bringing him to tears, and even causing him to lose his contact lens in the process.

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After the show, the former lovers shared a tight embrace, serving as the final seal to the end of their feud.


Dee’s husband Mike was initially hesitant at the idea of his wife meeting her former lover again. However, Mickey told the reporters that even if all’s well now with him and his former girlfriend, he assured that he would not be contacting her in any way outside of work. Although still unmarried, he is currently involved in a serious relationship with 23-year old Taiwanese actress Summer Meng.

42-year old Mickey Huang with girlfriend 23-year old actress Summer Meng

42-year old Mickey Huang with girlfriend 23-year old actress Summer Meng

Dee Hsu is now happily married to her husband Mike with whom she has three daughters.

Dee Hsu is now happily married to her husband Mike with whom she has three daughters

Though I strongly concur that it’s only right for the former lovers to once and for all bury their hatchet against one another, I still can’t help but feel that the whole show was still so wrong in some ways. First of all, I believe it was unfair how Selina was treated on the show. That episode was supposed to feature her, where she could have had the chance to fully promote her latest album on national TV. Unfortunately, they only allotted a small time for her near the end of the program to talk about her music, almost like an afterthought. The brightest spotlight was still placed on both Dee and Mickey in the majority of the entire program, from beginning till end. Talk about stealing someone else’s thunder.

Secondly, isn’t it a bit suspicious that her reconciliation with her former lover came at the heel of the release of her latest EP? Curiously during the show, Kevin Tsai was also holding a couple of Dee’s CDs along with Selina’s own set of CDs. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, Dee did what she did in order to promote her latest EP. She did her best and her damndest to milk this truce with Huang for all its worth, up to the very last drop.

When Dee was asked why she finally decided to kiss and make up with her former love, she said that she wants to have lesser enemies for this new year. Okaaaaay… touché.

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