Lady Detective wraps up filming

Last December 29, the movie Lady Detective just wrapped up its filming and the casts and crew held their post-production celebratory dinner in Taiwan the same day. Vic Chou was in attendance together with director Oxide Pang and his wife Angelica Lee. Unfortunately, Wang Luodan and Simon Yam were unable to join the party as their respective parts in the movie had finished earlier.

Both Vic and Pang had distributed red packets of undisclosed amount to all the crew during the dinner party as a yearender gift. Everyone was in good spirit and showed as much in the group photo.


The movie is tentatively scheduled to premiere in summer this year. No additional details were released as of this moment, but surely there will be more informations about it in the months to come.

For the meantime, here are some more photos from that dinner party courtesy of the official hairstylist of the film.

10881601_912459302112270_8244034357169944773_n  10885064_912459092112291_8925230772689045680_n  10881625_912459275445606_4394617260629772746_n  10891902_912459132112287_1101005542976518124_n

This one is courtesy of Vic’s manager.


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