Michelle Chen as the Little Dragon Girl in the Romance of the Condor Heroes

And so it has come to pass. Yu Zheng’s adaptation of the epic novel Return of the Condor Heroes is now airing all over China with Michelle Chen playing the role of the Little Dragon Girl. Haters all over the world can hate all they want, but that won’t change the fact that Michelle has now officially joined the lineup of actresses who have taken on the very much coveted role of the Little Dragon Girl Xiao Long Nu who is said to have an ethereal beauty unmatched by any mortal living on earth. And it’s because of that high description that Michelle has been ruthlessly and brutally maligned by fans and even non-fans alike of the said novel.

From the start, many people have said that she’s a miscast. They even called her too fat to be the Little Dragon Girl, with some even saying that the rope which her character was supposed to sleep on couldn’t hold her up longer for more than 5 minutes. Some said that her looks were too plain to be even considered an ethereal beauty. While others sniggered that the male lead was even more beautiful than she could ever be.

Michelle did admit that she got depressed at the beginning when she heard all those comments. But like the tough trooper that she is, she immediately got back up on her feet and just let the malicious innuendos slide off her back. Though she did work hard to lose all her excess pounds. And despite the criticisms about her looks, or lack thereof, she confidently said, and much to the chagrin of her haters, that she wouldn’t do any plastic surgery to change her appearance. True to her words, she remained the same today as she was before.

I’m not a fan of Michelle, but I must admit that I can’t help but admire her guts amidst all the haters around her. Her experience is something that we can also apply to our daily living. There will always be jealous people everywhere and anywhere who will try their hardest and darndest to bring you down. But if you ignore them and just continue to do your own thing, in the end, you will have the final laugh and the pleasure of enjoying the sweet fruits of your labor, while all your haters can just wallow in their sour despair and bitter jealousy over your good fortune.

To all the haters out there, I’m sharing here some eyesores for you, featuring Michelle as the Little Dragon Girl. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

This is the first set of photos that came out depicting Michelle as the Little Dragon Girl:

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Here she is lying on the rope which is supposed to be Xiao Long Nu’s bed. The rope seems sturdy enough to hold up her weight:

4827a92djw1e8rzj0uvo9j20hs0bumyp  e06b5541gw1emn28t563qj20qe0etwij

In action:

e06b5541gw1emn28u79j9j20qe0evq6s  4827a92djw1ebeddcd6jvj20p00e3tate06b5541gw1emn28pr744j20qe0euq7g

I think she’s not half bad at all as Xiao Long Nu:

e06b5541gw1emn28sji1hj20qe0hln2e  4827a92djw1ebqk7dwmfyj20p00e2wh3

The official posters:

6d40f7f4jw1emn1xap4anj20qe0etgpw 6d40f7f4jw1emn1xazcq1j20qe0f20y1 6d40f7f4jw1emn1xbfpkwj20fa0o6tds

And lastly, the controversial photoshopping done to enhance her looks for this drama:


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