Vic Chou and Gwei Lun Mei together at the Uniqlo press conference

I still couldn’t stop ogling at the recent photos of my favorite artists Vic Chou and Gwei Lun Mei who appeared together at a press conference for the Japanese apparel Uniqlo. The said event was held in Taipei, Taiwan last Halloween, though it was far from being scary. If anything, it almost looked like Christmas had come too early for me. Or maybe even Valentine’s day. I really couldn’t think of two people who just looked so damn good together – Vic, looking manly and yet boyish at the same time with his disarming smile, and Lun Mei, looking so soft and delicate with her fine features. All I could think of over and over again is how beautiful these two people are together. They also seemed to get along well too at that event. Not surprising though since they already met a few years back in 2007 at a fashion award in Shanghai, China where they both won the awards for most stylish male and female celebrities from the Taiwan region respectively. Only in my sordid fantasies could I only hope for them to be a real life couple since both are attached (to the hips) to their respective partners. Vic has been with his other half, Taiwanese actress and model Reen Yu, for almost three years now, while Lun Mei is almost like married (without the papers) with her own other half, Taiwanese director/actor Leon Dai, for nearly ten years. All I could hope and wish now is to see the two of them together act out as a couple in a movie or TV drama. That would be more than enough to pacify my restless imagination and ease my longing heart.

Gwei Lun Mei and Vic Chou in 2007

Gwei Lun Mei and Vic Chou in 2007

Vic Chou and Gwei Lun Mei in 2014

Vic Chou and Gwei Lun Mei in 2014

Vic was particularly chatty and happy at the said event, in sharp contrast to his recent Golden Bell Awards red carpet appearance a few days ago where he looked dour and grumpy after being “manhandled” from the airport to the venue. It’s a considerate gesture on his part to balance up the mood since Lun Mei was particularly feeling a bit in the dumps for quite some time now. Bless her tired soul for she just admitted to being burnt out lately due to her work even if she barely has new projects recently. She was particularly grateful for Vic that day for saving her the trouble of talking a lot and also for giving her a reason or two (or maybe even three or four) to smile at the event.

Vic Chou was able to tickle Lun Mei's funny bones during the Uniqlo press conference

Vic Chou was able to tickle Lun Mei’s funny bones during the Uniqlo press conference

There was a segment during the Uniqlo press conference where they both gave each other a gift. She gave him a scarf, while he gave her a pair of gloves. His gift was particularly sweet and thoughtful when he said that the pair of gloves represents the warmth he is giving her during this time when she’s feeling particularly down (aaawwww!).



Vic was asked if he has plans to get married soon since marriage and engagement seem to be the usual norms among celebrities nowadays. He tactfully said that he has no plans to marry today although that might change by tomorrow. Nice one Vic. I couldn’t think of a better way to smartly tiptoe around a question the way he just did. Too bad though that no one had asked Lun Mei of her own marriage plans. But then again, maybe the reporters just got tired of asking her that question over and over again.

Here’s a video of that blessed Uniqlo event. Exchanging gifts has never looked so sweet and adorable.

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