Vic Chou at the 49th Golden Bell Awards

I’ve been wanting to write about Vic Chou’s appearance at the 49th Golden Bell Awards (GBA) since its aftermath but I couldn’t seem to do so (curse you writer’s block!). But now I’m back on track again, at least for the time being.

Vic attended the GBA to present two awards, one for best actor and the other for best drama. It’s only fitting for him to present the two most important awards of the evening after he himself had won the best actor trophy last year. He was also given the honor of being the last one to walk down the red carpet. All was well during that afternoon, with all the stars preening and smiling and being their ridiculously charming self, that is, until Vic made his appearance.

The media people’s tongues all went a-wagging when he appeared with a dour expression on his face at the red carpet. It almost looked like his face would crack if ever he attempted even the slightest smile. The dour expression continued all the way during the traditional red carpet interview and up until he disappeared behind the doors of the Sun Yat-Sen memorial hall.

People were asking me (almost to the point of pestering) what was the cause of his grumpiness that day. I thought I’d be a smart ass and I answered them that maybe it was the heavy suit that he was wearing that day, but I was only met by blank stares and with crickets chirping in the background.

Okay, seriously speaking now, let me try to mince the things that happened along the way which eventually reached its climax on that fateful day. Prior to the day of the awards show, he had been flying from Taiwan to China to Hongkong and then back again while promoting his latest movie Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 with Louis Koo, Miriam Yeung and Gao Yuan Yuan. Last October 25, the day of the GBA, he appeared in Hongkong for a fan-meet-and-greet event which was related to his movie promotions and supposedly scheduled at 12 noon. The said event ran a little bit later than expected and he had to rush all the way to the airport so he wouldn’t missed his flight back to Taiwan. Upon reaching Taiwan airport, he was was met there by quite a number of fans, roughly around 100 or so according to some fan accounts. The fan gathering at the airport was something unexpected therefore little security was there to control the situation, causing his service car to be held back for several minutes before they could finally leave. He was also forced to change his clothes in the service car itself on the way to the venue since he only had little time to spare before his red carpet appearance. When he finally made it to the venue and with barely enough time to catch his breath, the organizers were already hurrying him down the red carpet because they were afraid that he might get cut off from the live telecast. The organizers thought that it’s already running late, only to realize later on that there was still actually plenty of time to spare. The hosts at the red carpet were also rushing him to answer all their mundane questions while talking nonsensical gibberish at the same time.

Sufficed it to say, what he experienced that day was almost like what’s usually happening in The Amazing Race. It’s like he was trying to beat time just trying to go from one place to another. Only thing was, he didn’t sign up for that show. Of course, it wouldn’t have been too much if he tried, at least, to force even a teeny weeny smile while posing for the cameras. But then again, maybe it was better for him to appear grumpy than to force a smile. That smile might end up looking like a grimace had he tried to force it out. But to be fair to him, at least he maintained his poise sans the smile in front of the cameras.

704_1456683_703347  704_1456688_788731

Inside the hall when the show was already underway, Vic was already looking more like himself and could be seen smiling, looking relaxed and a bit rested. His mood had gone up many notches higher when he finally appeared onstage together with Chen Bolin to present the awards for best actor and best drama. Their segment was the best part of the awards show, at least for me. What better way to end a long and boring program than to have two gorgeous and witty guys exchanged scripted banter onstage. I think the audience wouldn’t have minded at all if the two of them had stayed a little bit longer on that stage. I know I wouldn’t have.

704_1456878_739149  704_1456852_553539  704_1456856_637415

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