Raymond Lam surprises Karena Ng with a princess-themed birthday party

I thought I was just going to sleep through the remaining days of this month of October without making a new post here. Apparently, all that changed when I came across the news of Raymond Lam throwing a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend Karena Ng. Before anything else, I have to be clear that there’s really nothing wrong with a doting boyfriend doing something thoughtful to his girlfriend. I think its very sweet of him to go through all that trouble just to please her. With that aside, allow me now to indulge myself to point out some of the hilarity that I observed from that birthday party.

First off, her whole birthday party had a princess theme. Again, nothing wrong with that theme. Princess-themed parties are very common even among the adults. It’s also understandable why he had chosen such a theme as he seems to enjoy indulging Karena like a princess. But what’s really funny and embarrassing here is that dear old Raymond had chosen an extravagant castle cake fit for a 10-year old girl instead of for someone who just turned 21 years old. The castle cake is lovely though, something that a 10-year old girl would gleefully squeal over once she sees it.



The confectionaries set on the table with designs of shoes, jewels and small gift boxes also didn’t help. If anything, it only made the long table looked like a table for kids where they can mess around and smear their faces with food.


They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and like all pictures do, they are open for interpretation for anyone who sees them. So allow me to indulge myself once again with my own interpretations of what I observed in this photo.


Karena’s dress and style at the party looked like someone who was expecting to attend a sophisticated and elegant birthday party befitting for a young woman like herself who just left her teenhood behind. But her half-hearted smile seemed to show her disappointment at being treated to a kid’s party instead. She seems like a young girl who unwillingly went along with the birthday party her parents chose to throw for her, almost like a little girl who is desperate to grow up, and yet her parents still insist to hold on to her childhood.

Raymond also invited a lot of Karena’s friends, all of whom looked like college students attending a prom. I can’t help but think whether Raymond even felt the least embarrassed knowing that he was the oldest one there. He couldn’t even blend in because his face could no longer passed up for someone who’s in his late 20’s, or even early 30’s. The youngsters at the party only made him look like he’s already in his 40’s. And adding that conservative clothes that he’s wearing, he looks more like Karena’s babysitter or guardian than her boyfriend.

Now, if there’s anyone who clearly enjoyed himself that night, it’s none other than the ringmaster of that circus himself, Raymond Lam. He looks like he’s giving himself a mental pat on the back for a job well done.


I know that Raymond’s intentions are good. He wanted so much to please her which was why he tried his best to plan that surprise birthday party for her. But he shouldn’t have tried too hard doing something he doesn’t seem to understand. Prior to the party, he should have asked around for the opinions of other people who are around Karena’s age range on what should have been done. Then maybe he could have saved his face and also Karena’s as well. Next time he plans for another surprise birthday party, he ought to just stick to more realistic themes instead, just to be safe. If he still insists on having fantasy themes, then a Walking Dead theme would have been more acceptable given that her birthday is quite close to Halloween, although Karena may not see the humor in that.

But at the end of the day, I guess it’s the thought that still counts. No one can deny that he really made an effort to give Karena a memorable birthday party. That alone is enough to give him several up points. So for that, I’m giving him a big A+ for his effort.

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