Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse: Is love really lovelier the second time around?

The whole Asian entertainment world is currently being rocked today with the news of Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse getting back together again. For some, they find this really romantic since it’s not everyday that you see two former lovers, after being through several relationships, including respective marriages and divorces, finding their way back to each other’s arms again. It almost sounds like a good plot for a daily idol drama. Only in this case, it’s not an idol drama but it’s real life.

For those of you who don’t know, Faye and Nic dated each other back in 2000, until Cecilia Cheung entered the picture. Eventually, Faye married Li Ya Peng, a lesser known actor and businessman, while Nic married Cecilia. Faye had a daughter with her husband (in addition to her child from another previous marriage), while Nic had two boys with Cecilia. Cecilia and Nic divorced three years ago, while Faye was divorced from her husband last year. Since her divorce from her husband, she has been continuously plagued with possible reconciliation rumors with her former love Nic Tse, who once said that Faye was his greatest love out of all the women that he dated in his life, which includes ex-wife Cecilia.

This former loves getting back together again is really not new, as it already happens to Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui years ago. But the question is, what makes this Faye-Nic love story much more spicier than the Sammi Cheng-Andy Hui love story? For one, Faye and Nic had a much colorful past as compared to Sammi and Andy. When they first started on their relationship, Faye was the successful and famous Diva, while Nic is the typical rebel-without-a-cause rising star. Also the fact that they have an 11 years age gap between them only brought in more plot twist to their relationship. Their two-year relationship back then was also laden with cheating, getting back together, then breaking up again and then getting married with different people, etc. It really is like a perfect plot for a typical idol drama, complete with its annoying plot twists and whatnots. Anyway, after all the dusts have settled down from all that hullabaloo, we can now see Faye and Nic back in each other’s arms again.

It is a bit unnerving that the paparazzis have the guts to spy on them from the outside to the inside of her home. But then again, I think it’s prudent on their part to, at least, draw the curtains closed if they’re planning to do some hanky panky with each other. Even if the invasion of the paparazzis had never crossed their minds, they should still be mindful that they have neighbors around them who also live in high rise buildings and could bear witness to their trysts. That’s why I tend to think that they somehow allowed the paparazzis to catch them like so in order to finally tell the whole world that they are back together.

I’m not sure if they still want to start their own family with each other, though I’m sure it won’t be an issue with them at this point, or at least not with Faye. She already has two kids from her two ex-husbands, so a third kid with Nic would make all her three kids borne from different daddies. Plus, she isn’t exactly young anymore. She’s already 45 years old and getting pregnant at her age may not be at her best interest, healthwise, anymore. As for Nic Tse, it could be a different tune. He’s only 34-years old, so the raging hormones are still very much alive in him that may give him the urge to sire a kid with his greatest love Faye, even if he’s not exactly the perfect doting father figure to his two boys.

Whether they last for a lifetime this time, or it’s just another flash-in-the-pan fling, only time will tell.

I believe this story can somehow ignite the long extinguished fires in the hearts of certain shippers of celebrities who have long parted ways and married their respective partners. This Faye-Nic love story will be a good fodder of fantasy for some fans who are still hoping that their favorite onscreen couples (reel or real) can also have the chance to get back together again after many years of being apart, married or not. I can almost see the cogs in the minds of such fans working overtime and for them fervently wishing that the same can also happen to their most beloved celebrity couples.

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