Miss A drops all physical assault charges against Kim Hyun Joong

After all that’s said and done, the legal and personal battle of Miss A against Kim Hyun Joong had finally ended when she agreed to drop all physical assault charges against him after he personally apologized to her and issued a public apology admitting to his wrongdoings. It was all she really ever wanted. Whether there is monetary compensation involved, that matter is just between the two of them. Although I do hope that he compensated her well for the terrible things that he did to her.

I only hope for Miss A to finally move on from this whole ordeal and for her to have a peace of mind. I also hope that someday she finds the happiness that she rightfully deserves. She deserves to find herself a man who would protect her, care for her and love her. It’s not going to be easy for her to trust a man again after being in an abusive relationship for two years, but hopefully someday she will.

As for Kim Hyun Joong, hopefully he is really sincere with his apology. I want him to always remember this incident and to never forget about it. I want him to reflect well on what he did and hopefully he gets some kind of help too so that no woman would ever suffer the same fate in his hands again.

For his fans, please don’t convince yourself with the thought that just because Miss A had withdrawn her charges against your idol, it already means that it’s victory for him and that it proves his innocence. If you do that, you would only be lying to yourself. The fact still remains that he physically assaulted her which caused her to be hospitalized for two weeks. It doesn’t matter whether he beat her up on several occasions or only once. What he did to her was abhorrent and should never be condoned.

To all the girls and women out there, let this whole incident serves as a lesson to us all. I’ve already mentioned this in the comments, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Please know that it is NEVER right for a man to hit his wife or his girlfriend, regardless whose fault it is or who started it. Don’t give excuses for it because there is never any excuse for a man to physically hit his wife or his girlfriend, even if it’s just one time.

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