The princess, the frogs, and the prince

Vivian Hsu is one of the few Taiwanese actresses with the loveliest faces in the industry. Her beauty can only be described as timeless. She has a beautiful pair of innocent-looking doe eyes that is perfectly set against her white oval-shaped face. With her elegant aura and milky complexion, she’s truly a perfect example of a classic beauty.

Top-Oriental-Face-Woman-Vivian-Hsu  1237179_10151615028561017_343471250_n

Just recently, she got married to a rich Singaporean CEO named Sean Lee on what can only be described as a much deserved fairytale wedding. I’m not saying that the other actresses’ marriages are not well deserved. But with Vivian, she has had her fair share of rejections from various lovers more than any of the other actresses, before finally finding her one true love.

For those of who don’t know, Vivian started out her career by starring in soft porn films. She even released a few photo books showing her in all her naked glory at such a young age. From being a soft porn star, she went on to become a sexy starlet, starring in several films where she was still required to show off a lot of skin. She also ventured into music as a singer and songwriter, but still with her signature sexy image. As time went by, she continued to develop as a real actress, finally managing to star in several films without actually taking off her clothes or showing much of her skin.

Vivian Hsu during her earlier days.

Vivian Hsu during her earlier days.

Her love life was also as bumpy as her own career. She dated several men in the past, from actors to businessmen. Her celebrity male lovers included Vanness Wu, Nicky Wu and Jay Chou, to producer Stephen Fung, and then later to a businessman named Leo Ho. All these men had nothing but good things to say about her when it comes to her character. But despite her good impressions on them, her relationship with each of them still crumbled into tiny smithereens even before things got more serious. The reason was simple – the families of these men had never accepted her because of her shady past. All of them had frowned down upon her nude films and photos, and immediately labeled her as not suitable for their precious sons. She had no choice but to humbly bow out of each of those relationships as none of those men had been man enough to stand up for her. It was even quite pathetic to see her wear her heart on her sleeves when she admitted to have cried over those past relationships.

Despite the many setbacks in her personal love life, she still maintained a positive demeanor and continued to thrive well in her career. At one point in her life, she even kind of accepted the fact that she might never find her Mr. Right, although she had never really given up on love yet. Then along comes this 37-year old Singaporean CEO Sean Lee, who was immediately charmed by Vivian the moment he laid his eyes on her. Mr. Lee also belongs to a well-to-do family. Even if he was divorced from a previous marriage with two kids, his life is basically clean and scandal-free. Since he also came from a rich family, it might seemed that history was just about to repeat itself all over again, with his family rejecting Vivian because of her sordid past. But lo and behold, his family was actually very open-minded and very reasonable. They saw past her scandalous history to actually see and appreciate the beauty in her heart. His parents and his two children actually adored her, and she easily built a good relationship with them. With blessings from both sides of their families, the lovers wasted no time in tying the knot and to start their journey through life together.

The perfect bride.

The perfect bride.

Vivian Hsu has come a long way. She started out as just a naive young girl who dreamt of fame and fortune in the dark world of show business, but was just unfortunate enough to be taken advantage of by vultures. She managed to rise out of it as a stronger and much wiser woman. Despite the bitterness of reality, this doe-eyed lass still dreamt of a fairytale story to her love life. Her road to finding her one true love had been a long and arduous one. Though the princess had to kiss several frogs and toads along the way, she finally managed to find and kiss her one true prince in the end.

The Princess and her Prince.

The princess and her prince.

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