Reen Yu

I like Vic Chou. There, I’ve said it. But since this is my blog, I have every right to say that. I’ve liked him since 2007. I have to admit that I was initially attracted to him because of his good looks. It also doesn’t hurt one bit that he can actually act very well, even if I can’t say the same of him during his earlier years. He is like a good wine, who gets better with age. And he really does get better with time, both in his physical looks and talents. From a pretty boy 19-year old to a now dashing 33-year old man. Not to mention his recent win of last year’s best actor award at the Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

In the future, I would definitely be writing more about him. But for now, I would like to write about something else. Or rather, about someone else. For those who don’t know yet, Vic Chou, or more popularly known as Zai Zai, has a girlfriend. They’ve been together now for more than two years (and counting). Her name is Reen Yu.

Little is known about her (at least to me). She was born on October 22, 1987, which makes her 26 years old right now. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University. She is a B-list Taiwanese actress and model who had acted in a few TV dramas and movies. She may seem like a newbie in the industry, but in actual fact, she’s been around the industry since her teenage years, having appeared in some music videos, some commercials and various advertisements. She got her break when she got the much coveted role of He Xiao Mei in Black & White TV drama back in 2008, where she had the opportunity to act opposite Vic. Many people had assumed that since she met him in 2008, they have thought that that’s also the time when their courtship had began. I tend to think otherwise though. I don’t think they got into a relationship during that time. I’m not even sure if they even became friends then. For one thing, Reen admitted later on that she had a boyfriend back then. Besides, she still looked so young during those times, almost like a little girl, that I don’t think Vic had even given her much of a thought. But just like every other young girl, she soon blossomed into a beautiful woman, which may have been one of the reasons why she finally attracted his attention. No one actually knows when they have really started their intimate relationship, since they themselves have never revealed it to the public. Therefore, we can only assume.

Vic Chou and Reen Yu were spotted together for the first time at a massage parlor, a day after the actor's 31st birthday.

Vic Chou and Reen Yu were spotted together for the first time at a massage parlor, a day after the actor’s 31st birthday.

image-87F4_4FD69E38  image-BC4B_4FD69E38

There have mixed reactions when news came out of the two of them dating. Some were a bit skeptical in the beginning after she “accidentally” leaked out her relationship with Vic on the set of one of her TV dramas that she was filming. Some of his fans were more welcoming, and were actually happy that he got himself a nice girlfriend. And then there were some who were actually surprised that the lucky lady was her. Why her?

Why not her? She’s really beautiful. She’s actually one of the few natural beauties in the Taiwan entertainment industry nowadays. She also looks like a sunshine girl with a vibrant personality. Her easy going nature is a perfect compliment to Vic’s broody personality. I believe she is good for him. Ever since he started dating her, I’ve noticed that he smiles a lot more and laughs more liberally now as compared to before. She may also be one of the reasons why he’s looking a lot happier and younger these days. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they get married someday.

I’ve also noticed that ever since she became his girlfriend, she seems to have gradually disappeared from the entertainment scene. She’s been out of the spotlight for almost two years now, except for the occasional times when she was caught outside on dates with Vic. I’ve always wondered whether Vic may have persuaded her to quit show business and just be his girlfriend. Or it may also be a conscious decision on her part. In the entertainment industry, there are hundreds and hundreds of young girls who are fighting both tooth and nail just to get the most coveted roles, or to get that one lucky break. Reen has been in the industry for many years and yet she’s still considered as a B-lister or even a C-lister. Maybe she realized she has a much better chance at a good life if she just concentrates on being Vic’s girlfriend instead of battling it out with hundreds of girls for a small place in the industry. And who knows, if she’s lucky enough, she may as well become the future Mrs. Chou someday. If truth be told, I think her biggest break was meeting and finally dating one of the top male celebrities in all of Asia.

Here are some of her pictures (without makeup) from her facebook page. I have to say that she’s really very beautiful with her big pair of double-lidded eyes, button nose and white skin. The tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose only add to her girlish appeal.

10606397_10154515171740461_5762457776200276866_n  969232_10153034589585461_676493691_n  10371516_10154117675265461_8646006337364035691_n10363344_10154173838975461_2955412444420401823_n  1374315_10153326703990461_392104111_n549176_10152625819980461_710742949_n  10342951_10154111458345461_2769171742529950510_n  1604397_10154185900715461_6652383083259491087_n

I sincerely hope all the best for them. I think they make a very lovely couple. It’s also about time that he takes on a girlfriend who’s actually younger than him.

Vic Chou and Reen Yu in Black & White TV drama.

Vic Chou and Reen Yu in Black & White TV drama.

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New Year's Eve 2013.

New Year’s Eve 2013.

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