Happy plastic, it’s fantastic

I can’t help but sing the song that was popularized by the group Aqua back in the 90’s every single time I see the latest photos of Cyndi Wang. This girl has now pulled all the stops when it comes to altering whatever she could on her face that she just doesn’t look like her anymore. Conspicuous must be her middle name right now because clearly, she doesn’t seem to care anymore if the changes on her face is so obvious (which they definitely are!) or not.

Enough with the words, pictures can say thousands of words more. Here are her most recent photos.

U11484P28DT20140903132508  002dPB5Gty6LKusTTdO7c&690


U11484P28DT20140903132556  U11484P28DT20140903132611

I can’t even recognize her anymore in the above photos. It’s almost like it’s a different person. The next set of photos are of her during the earlier part of her career.

832680543  15704431061730721460  U11484P28DT20140903132918002dPB5Gty6FuZ4BRl163&690  002dPB5Gty6LKusZ1yC7e&690

The vast difference in the two sets of photos is just amazing. And she still has the nerve to deny now that she went under the knife. Just look at how pointed and thin her chin now as compared to her stubby chin in her earlier photos. Or how her nose has suddenly become so straight and thin. Her face is definitely a lot thinner and sharper now, and that is definitely not just the result of losing her baby fats.

For better comparison, I’ll end this post with her “before and after” photo.


“…I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world, happy plastic, it’s fantastic…”

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