A goddess? Or just an ordinary woman?

I really don’t understand what’s the fascination about Barbie Hsu. I know she’s an actress. But I really can’t say she’s one of the finest one as she has no remarkable work under her belt. Her most remarkable work has got to be Meteor Garden. But even in that TV drama, she still failed to rise up to the level of what a fine actress should be.

I believe she is known mostly for her love for the public spotlight. She has no qualms in sharing her so-called private life to the public. She always makes sure that she would be able to grab a piece of that spotlight, even if it means publishing photos of her daughter. I know that like all mothers, she is just too proud not to share lovely photos of her daughter. But also unlike most mothers, she is a celebrity and is basically under the scrutiny of the public at all times. I also know that I don’t have the right to say what she has to do to when it comes to her daughter. But I’m just thinking that since her daughter is not a celebrity like her, she should, at least, give her the chance to decide someday if she wants to live under the public eye or not. Unfortunately though, and very much unlike most celebrity parents who are working hard to protect their babies from public exposure or overexposure, Barbie has already decided that her daughter should also live under the public spotlight at such a very young age, just like her and her equally spotlight-loving husband. Tough.

She also doesn’t seem to be lacking from self confidence. Far from it actually, as she even proclaims herself to be the Queen of Beauty. She also expects others to compliment her beauty all the time in order to keep her in a good mood, which is quite pompous of her. She never goes out without wearing any makeup, or if she does, she is likely to wear those big dark sunglasses to hide half of her face, especially her eyes. In her every public appearances, she always makes sure that she would never be caught looking like an old hag.

So when she finally made her public appearance for the first time after giving birth to her daughter, her fans are shocked, some are even appalled, to see her looking like, well, an old hag.


I, for one, have never found her to be a striking beauty. To start with, she doesn’t really have a facial feature that would make her stand out above the rest, like maybe a beautiful pair of eyes, or a Duchess or celestial nose, or even well-shaped lips. Her facial features are just ordinary, although when put together, they do make a nice presentable face. She is pretty, yes, but a beautiful goddess? Far from it. Although, the wonders of makeup and photoshops do that for her.

Not convinced? Here are some of her photos sans makeup.

15336193057691754257_zps03f71654 chinese-stars-without-and-with-makeup-10

Even her earlier photos aren’t all that impressive too.

44l Deenormal_SIGENEDPSOTER sosalbum2sosalbum6 SOSANDJACKIE2

Looking at her earlier photos, I’m even inclined to believe that she may have done something with her nose, like maybe having its tip enhanced. I also believe that there must be some grain of truth to the previous rumors that she had a chin implant. She does have an obviously weak chin in her earlier photos, in contrast now to her (a little bit too much) sharp(er) chin.

So when I saw her in her latest photo, I’m actually not surprised at all. I just thought that she looks like exactly how she should look at her age and after giving birth.

In an afterthought, I think her fans should even be glad that Barbie looks like the way she is right now. She’s just like any ordinary woman living on earth, and not the unearthly goddess that she herself wants to portray. Looking at her photo now, it just makes Barbie Hsu a lot more human than her fans or even she herself would like to believe.

A goddess on screen, but an ordinary and plain woman in real life.

A goddess on screen, but an ordinary and plain woman in real life.

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2 Responses to A goddess? Or just an ordinary woman?

  1. Lol at her old photos!! XD Though I’m such a huuuuge Barbie Xu fan, I agree with most of what you said. She really does act like a diva off-cam. But I love her dramas and movies that’s why I didn’t mind that much 🙂


    • I’ve watched her movie My So Called Love and also her TV drama Summer’s Desire. I have never seen an actress with such a flat affect. And when she really had to let go of her emotions, she tends to over-exaggerate her acting. But hey, as long as many people like her, then let it be then. 🙂


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